July, 2012


Maximum Ease and 

Maximum Impact




Nature has this down pat; maximum ease and maximum impact. Consider a tree shedding leaves. Leaves gently drop to the ground and amass a heavy pile on the earth. You don't witness a tree trying to hold on to leaves with restriction and force. No, please, please, please don't drop. You also don't see a tree whimpering and shuffling back and forth stunned by the impressive pile of leaves that are covering the ground making quite an impact. The tree knows; stands confidently in the elegance of maximum ease, maximum impact. This way of being is possible for all and calls for practice. It calls for clear motivation. It begins with recognizing the possibility. 


Years ago I committed my life to maximum ease and maximum impact. For many years this experience was true and I recall great ease and significant impact in my actions. Somewhere between then and now, I have wobbled. The word serpentine is coming to mind, like in the remake of the movie "The In-Laws," Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks zigzagging as they run, fleeing bullets, screaming "serpentine!" The wobble began when my original motivation for me and my impact in the world became too small; in other words, the focus on me became really boring and through this journey the opening offered was a motivation to serve all beings. 


My present commitment is maximum impact with a wise, skillful heart. This commitment reflects the insights and discoveries I have gained throughout my wobbling. While ease is enjoyed, I realize specifying ease is not necessary because when I act with a wise, skillful heart, for all beings, ease naturally comes through that intention. This "ease" also has a broader flavor that serves evolution.


Where in your life do ease and impact live? Do you have a clear sense of the how and what of your actions? Are there actions and opportunities for you to consider, particularly where wealth is concerned, to integrate ease and impact? What might your motivation be related to wealth? I'll offer a few ideas and I encourage you to take these wonder questions to your reflective time.


Too often when it comes to matters of money and wealth, a familiar tune of difficulty surfaces. "Anything related to money is going to be really hard." Or, consider a new job. How often have we encountered difficulty in finding satisfying employment in the past several years? Or, one of my personal favorites, budgeting. "There is not a way to stick to a budget nor any motivation to create one." 


Here's a suggestion.  Expand your capacity to access ease and manifest impact by naming the path right now for the area of your financial life speaking to you. Gain clarity on your motivation for this choice and allow your motivation to support you. Your commitment may look like this:

  • "Any money decisions create maximum ease and maximum impact."
  • "Budgeting manifests maximum ease and maximum impact."
  • "All actions related to employment arise with maximum ease and maximum impact."

Once you make a declaration, the universe co-creates with you. Moreover, your clarity supports new milestones and next actions. They are held within this meaningful mantel of how (maximum ease) and what (maximum impact).


Impacting with love,

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5-Minute TRY It

Buzz with the Earth, 

Nature Nurtures!


Note:  Don't try this if it's raining or damp and if you are not willing to look like you are in love with the ground.


Minute one:  Go outside in the fresh air and plop down on the ground. Get in direct contact with the earth while lying face up. With eyes open or closed, feel the energy of the earth buzzing where you connect.


Minute two:   Turn over, face turned to one side. Eyes closed, feel the energy of the earth buzzing where you connect.  Notice your breath soften and slow down. 


Minute three:  Stay put. Turn your face to the opposite cheek. Eyes closed. Feel a deeper flow connecting your body to the earth. Notice where you end and the earth begins. Are boundaries between you and the earth dissolving?  


Minute four:  Turn over. On your back, sense the energy buzzing where your body connects. Where are your body boundaries now? What is the same and what is different from the first time on your back 2 minutes ago?   


Minute five:  Continue to expand your awareness into the earth and sense nourishing energy in, out and all around. 


Complete your practice by sending the nourishing energy to a specific person, place or group.


Financial Check-In

... so you don't Check-Out


If we have annual physicals, why not have annual financials? In the doctor's office various measurements are checked for good-health - height, weight, blood pressure; and good physicians have a conversation with you about your level of stress and habits to support (or deter) a well-balanced lifestyle. It is the same with your financial life and well-being. There is a reason our profession is called financial planning, and an annual review is a valuable and necessary practice. Our financial systems and personal situations change. While we include all aspects of wealth in our financial check-ins, let's focus on the exterior measurable finances for a moment.


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Financial Check-In & Recommitment


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I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, only more love.  


~ Mother Teresa


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