June, 2012


 Stop, Breathe, Re-Commit and Supercharge




Monday, June 4th, I began again a spring food cleanse, my third re-start in the last month. This is a reboot and a special opportunity to look at my process of recommitment.  


When you "fall off the wagon," which of these common responses resonates with you? 

  • Give-up (I can't do this. Why even bother?),
  • Self-flagellation (I am such a loser. What's wrong with me?), 
  • Denial (absolute ignorance that I have stopped following my commitment) or
  • my favorite - a unique signature combination of all three! 

Whether you identify with one of these or have invented your very own obstructive response, seeing and befriending your habits is an empowering step. When it comes to changing behavior, identifying your mental reactions not as your enemies, but as your allies, catapults your evolution. 


Having lost my awareness and practice of an endeavor that I deem important, and noting my reactions, I outlined a path for recommitment. As I re-initiate my cleanse, I am activating now this "pre-practice" practice. 


Stop - this means I acknowledge the truth that I am not following the spring cleanse. Breathe - this means that I accept with self-compassion that my actions are not aligned with my intentions. Re-commit - this means I return to my intention with renewed vigor and openness to manifest the outcome of my intention. Supercharge - this means that I reflect and identify the obstacles to my success; and I create new pathways to support my success. Below is my example:

  • I acknowledge that I have stopped the cleanse protocols.
  • I breathe with self-compassion that I am not doing what I intend.
  • I re-commit by asking myself: do I really want to cleanse? Is this still my intention? Yes. (If your answer is no, well done! Notice the increased energy flowing in your body that signals you are back in integrity with your truth.) 
  • I supercharge the commitment by 1) identifying a few obstacles that hindered my ability to stay on the cleanse: my teenagers increased activities demanded more attention, multiple birthdays and celebrations with sweets and treats, and increased stress with aging parents and business changes that foster poor beverage and snack choices. 2) I then created new pathways to support my success: clear out the refrigerator (again) and ask my family for support in keeping healthy foods stocked and minimizing bad eating habits, honor any celebrations in a healthy, creative way - plan for them in advance, and create an intention statement made VERY visible in multiple places that boosts challenging moments with encouragement to stay on course. 

Now let's turn this practice towards money. Ah, yes, money - you didn't think this was JUST about food did you? How many times have you committed to an important money practice that would support your money evolution and the practice fizzled? Was the practice about saving more, spending wisely, completing an important document (will, DNR form, mortgage refinancing), befriending limiting beliefs, organizing papers, buying versus renting, or ___________(fill in the blank)? What response held you captive and prevented you from trying again? Use your insight to re-commit. 


Take a moment right now and identify one facet of your money situation that you would like to improve in the next three months. Write it down. Commit to your intention. Anchor this commitment in a practice that includes clear muscle building actions. (If you need assistance with practices, consider a practice-generating session with me to develop your money muscles. For the months of June and July, these sessions are discounted 50% to encourage exercise!)  


When/if you fall off the wagon: Stop, Breathe, Re-Commit and Supercharge. We all lose our commitments. The simplest way back is to re-commit, with a pre-practice that supports your practice. Rather than label the stumble as a failure, circle through a helpful and necessary step of identifying obstacles and creating new pathways, use your insight on your habits to empower your desired changes.


At the end of three months (the summer), you open the door for a new practice called "stake in the ground" - which I look forward to sharing with you in the fall.


Now, I am off to Whole Foods (or a local farm stand if one is open) to re-stock my refrigerator and supercharge my cleanse.


Breathing and cleansing,

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5-Minute TRY It

Strengthen Your Core


Minute one: Smile while standing tall and lunge your right foot forward so that your knee is bent 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground. Either stay here for 30 seconds and switch to the left foot or alternate your right and left foot forward.


Minute two:  Still smiling, lie on your back with your feet raised high in the air and crunch your torso forward. Stretch your arms and hands forward by the side of your legs and pulse forward on your out breath. 


Minute three: Turn on your left side for a side plank. With your right foot in front of your left, raise your body up with your elbow directly under your shoulder and hips off the ground. Continue to smile and if you need a rest, take a rest and return.  


Minute four: Turn to your right side and repeat the practice above. Feel your lips and cheeks smile. 


Minute five: Turn to face the ground. Do as many push-ups as you are able in this minute. Put your knees down if your body needs a rest. Smile.


Complete your practice by smiling and noticing the sensations in your muscles smiling with you.


If you are Healthy, You're Wealthy.  Just sayin'...

(another aspect of getting financially fit)


Embodiment is a developed way of being through direct experience every moment and after many moments of practice. Embodiment is never more relevant than on the topic of health, which usually becomes apparent after one has experienced a minor or major health concern. Sometimes, practice can also be ignited when a loved one becomes ill and/or dies from poor health.


Health Wealth is an evolving embodiment of knowledge, practice and sustaining health of several facets, including the mind, body and spirit. In this article, I will focus on the body, recognizing that the body is not separate from mind and spirit. My intention is to bring more attention to the three facets of health related to the body to support your knowledge on the subject and inspire you to consider practices that will improve and sustain this aspect of a wealthy life.


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Monday, June 18th
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The Body Knew by Tim Seibles

(click link above to read this beautiful poem) 


Yet this is health:  To have a body functioning so perfectly that when its few simple needs are met it never calls attention to its own existence.  


~ Bertha Stuart Dyment


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