September, 2012


Not Everyone Wants Taps

On Their Shoes




Before my oldest child was born in 1992, I was an active tap dancer. Every Wednesday evening I enjoyed a tap class while my beloved entertained himself at the Museum of Fine Arts. The class culminated with a recital, complete with rhinestone costumes and libations. Those leisurely childless days are long gone; but I still have my tap shoes and on rare occasions will don them (they are a size too small now) and tap a few moves.


For those of you who have never tapped or even put on a pair of tap shoes, there is no experience like it. The quality of sound, connection to the floor, clear crackling action, fluid distinct moves - are totally captivating and once gripped with the FUN practice, it is really difficult to stop. Pregnancy, another captivating experience, was my stop sign, and my foot grew a whole size. The bottom line, tapping is fun and when I put on a pair of tap shoes, guaranteed JOY!


A couple of years ago, while enrolled in a Leadership and Transformation program, the teacher discovered that I was a closet tapper and encouraged me to bring my tap shoes to the next training. I committed to tapping at the next gathering. Fast forward and a day before the training began I was convinced that everyone would want to tap too once they could sense my joy in tapping.  I went to Staples and found the small silver flat tacks used for cork boards, which would make suitable taps for all kinds of shoes.  I quickly calculated the ideal number of tacks needed on the bottom of each shoe to make a good sound and multiplied this number by the number of participants attending the program. Armed with several boxes of tacks, I was fully prepared to share the joy - because yes, everyone is going to want to tap with tacks on the bottom of their shoes.


Despite my tap dance offering, clear presence of joy when tapping, perfect suggestions for great places to tap (bathroom and grocery store); only two people put tacks on their shoes (two friends who came to Staples with me and I practically forced them). I was stunned and dismayed. How can something so easy, inviting, simple, and "good for you" be ignored or shunned or avoided or by-passed?


Yes, it is my idea of fun, but none of the almost 50 people made a slight attempt. Many were excited, appreciated the performance and the idea, and I earned a new moniker "The Happy Tapper." But still, no takers. 


This experience parallels the invitation to enter into a conscious relationship with money. A conscious money relationship, like tap dancing, may seem difficult, despite indications to the contrary. I learned something really important that day.


My ideas don't always translate. Really? Everyone doesn't want taps on their shoes. And, it is true; everyone doesn't want to develop a relationship with money at any given moment. That's OK. When one is ready, he or she shows up, open, willing and curious to explore. The notion of tacks on the bottom of shoes for tapping is a distant, delightful memory. The invitation to develop money consciousness is held lightly - in spacious awareness always - for those who dare to play in new ways.


Happily Tapping,


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5-Minute TRY It
Happy Tapper
Note: This takes a little preparation if you want the full experience. Insert tacks on the bottom of flat (no heels) shoes. A bow to my friend, Julia C., who bestowed me with the moniker, Happy Tapper.

Minute one: Donning tap shoes wiggle your buttocks and loosen your legs by jiggling and bending your knees. (Extra Credit: put on jazzy music to inspire your dance.)

Minute two: Get your tapping groove going ... three taps with your right toe, three taps with your left toe. After several rounds, feeling your way, begin using your heel ... one tap in front with right heel, one tap in front with left.

Minute three:  Deepen your groove with a "front, back, down" shuffle. With right foot, flick your foot forward and back (lightly tapping - slapping - the ground) with the front part of your foot and then back in place. Practice this three part move until you get the rhythm. Repeat with your left foot.

Minute four:  Improv tap - click your tap shoes on the ground any way that feels fun. Shuffle ball change OR shuffle shuffle shuffle OR tap tap tap.

Minute five: Notice the energy in your legs in the form of sensations, heat and muscle strength.

Complete your practice by smiling. Yes, smile. Feel the happy in tapping.

Education is a Lifelong Experience

... and yes, an integral part of financial fitness!


Welcome to September, the month in our year that school commences for those enrolled in formal education. In America, we value education and devote considerable time, energy and resources to becoming educated beginning at an early age. By the time a young adult graduates from four years of college, he or she will have spent seventeen years, (including a year of Kindergarten) in school. Many add to this bank of knowledge with formal education in the form of advanced degrees. The financial investment in education is significant...


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Education:  How do we value learning?

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Location:  Carlisle, MA
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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. 


~ William Butler Yeats


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