April ~ The Choice of Ignorance
5-Minute Try It
Be a Warrior for Wisdom

Minute one:  
Begin by naming a topic or situation you typically avoid. 
Notice where the tension resides in your body 
when this topic is brought to mind.

Minute two:  
Allow the tension to fester AND get willing 
to look closely at the tension with ease and curiosity. 

Minute three:
Bring curiosity to the intensity by gently breathing into the sensations 
in your body. When you notice a shift, (softness or space), 
look at your topic with openness. 

Minute four:
Ask, what view (belief) is stuck to this topic? 

Minute five:
Breathing and moving, ask, what other view would move me closer 
to being a Warrior for Wisdom, against ignorance?

Complete your practice by
committing to one measurable action step as a Warrior for Wisdom. 
Video: Life Outtakes
Something a little different to complement 
this month's 5 Minute Try It 
Life Outtakes  
Be Inspired...
Community Service at Drumlin Farm

As part of Colman Knight's 25th Anniversary Celebration, on April 25th, we invite current CK clients to join us at Massachusetts Audubon Society's Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA.  We will spend the afternoon doing general farm chores and enjoying the animals and beautiful scenery!

Embodying the Open Ground
Weekend Meditation Intensive with John Churchill
April 26th-28th at Samadhi Integral, Newton MA


In this weekend intensive for both experienced and beginning meditators, learn to turn your attention to the deep resources of your body. Learn to rest, rather than struggle to control the mind, and open into the experience of natural embodiment and awareness.


Click here for details & registration

5 Tips to Help Spring Clean Your Closet Now

As the seasons converge, it is the perfect time to reevaluate items from both seasons. As you review your winter wardrobe, it is fresh in your mind what you wore and what never saw the light of day. The questions below will help you determine if it is worth storing an item until next year or if you need to bid it a fond farewell now...