August ~ The Inseparability of 
Experience & Expression
5-Minute Try It
Experience and Expression

Minute one: 
Reflect on experience - fully feeling and sensing in your body each moment; reflect on expression - fully demonstrating feelings and sensations. 

Minute two: 
Express movement with your body in new ways. 
Vary your pace slow and fast. 

Minute three: 
Pause movement and feel the experience deeply in your body. 
Give full attention to all sensations arising. 

Minute four: 
Now, breathe into your belly and experience this moment. 
Allow your awareness to expand. Fully digest this experience. 

Minute five: 
Allow your natural impulse to express arise. Do you want to move, write, 
speak, sing, or laugh? Express your authentic desire. 

Complete your practice 
recognizing the inseparability of experience and expression that 
sustains balance in our body. Move toward a seamless matching 
of experience and expression.
Be Inspired...
MoneYoga ~ A New, Monthly Class in Carlisle

Join Gayle & Yoga Instructor and owner of BareSole Yoga, Nadia Puttini, for a unique experience joining discovery and insight, soul and spirit, body and mind... in the framework of money.

With the intention to grow, liberate and make the world a better place, Gayle and Nadia combine their varied and distinctive wisdom to foster embodiment of true wealth and life meaning.

Two upcoming taster classes, by donation: Saturday, September 14th at 9:30am & Thursday, September 26th at 7:00pm.

Monthly series begins October 3rd.

In-House Complimentary Offerings at Colman Knight

As part of Colman Knight's 25th Anniversary Celebration, on August 26th, you are invited to join us for the following:

The Coach is In! Complimentary coaching on money well-being, work/life balance, health matters & more, with Gayle Colman

Understanding Your Estate Plan, with Rich Colman

It is time to re-finance your mortgage? with Chris MacBean

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