Guns, Love and Sunshine
5-Minute Try It
(Choose Your Own Adventure!)

They're baaaaaack... videos that is. This month for your 5 minute practice you are invited to search the archives to sample, explore and play with your favorites.

But first, do you remember the motivation for 5 Minute Try-Its? (Imagine "waiting music" in the background...)

Time's up!

We practice to build new muscles so that CONCEPTS (the fabulous ideas we hold in our mind) become real and embodied. We practice with our body so that the wisdom of our body joins the wisdom of our mind.

While not separate, it is only with practice that we become fully aware that our mind and body are one. It is only with practice that our body is invited to serve our mind and our mind is invited to serve our body.


Be Inspired...

by Stephanie Mabey

Level 1 Meditation Retreat with Dan Brown


Join Dr. Daniel Brown in this open level course to explore the openness of being and the foundational practices of meditation.


August 28th - September 4th

Samadhi Integral

Newton MA


Click here to learn more & to register


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