Get Interested

5-Minute Try It
Get Interested

Purpose:  Activate your interest muscle and 
experience the vibrancy of authentic interest.

For practice, you will need: 
to be alone without interruptions;
 comfortable clothing preferable.

Minute one:

Stand upright with a straight spine, mimicking a tall pine tree -
a line of energy moving down from the heart into the earth
and from the heart through the top of your head to the sky.

Minute two:
Allow your eyes to wander, taking in the sights around your space.
When your eyes meet something that attracts you, stop with interest.

Minute three:
Sense the object or space with gentle eyes,
looking with interest at whatever you see.

Minute four:
What thoughts, feelings and sensations arise in your body
as you deepen your interest in this object?

Minute five:
Keep your interest on this object vacillating between the object
and every experience that arises in your body.

Complete your practice
by noticing what happens to the object. Is it separate?
Compare this experience of interest with your
typical way of being interested.
Daily 5-Minute Practice:
Practice Getting Interested daily.
I suggest you set a timer for three different times
(AM, afternoon and evening) as a way to give
full attention to getting interested.

Bonus move: Keep a journal for a week about your experience and insights.
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