December ~ Crucial Conversations
5-Minute Try It
Giving from the Heart

Minute one:

Relax in a setting that inspires you
(nature, before a fire, on a meditation cushion...) 

Minute two:
Connect to the person to whom you want to give. It can definitely be yourself.  Visualize yourself or him or her in a brilliant clear scene. 

Minute three:
Connect to your heart and visualize a flower opening to receive.
Connect your person (or yourself as other) to the flower in your heart.

Minute four:
Float the question, "What is it that wants to be given to ______
as an expression of my love and appreciation?" 

Minute five:
Rest in this place allowing inspiration to arise.
Continue to breathe, open and connect in the heart. 

Complete your practice with
a commitment to trust whatever arises will be perfect for this person.
Write down what you discover.
Bow in generosity.
Be Inspired...
Join The Great Give

Studies have shown that Giving makes us happiest, and you know it's true; the satisfaction of finding that perfect thing for someone, the look of a stranger when you've given them a compliment.

It's because unlike other things we do for "happiness," when we Give, others benefit too---the Giver and the Gifted both win in.

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Sacred Year End Practice

Complete the year with wisdom;
Honor what is so;
Open to intention and clarity...

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