January ~ Bowing & Blessing
5-Minute Try It
Breath, Body, Mind
This practice is available to you anytime and anywhere; it serves you, the other, and the situation, without doubt. That's a powerhouse practice! Be unfettered in your practice and you will see for yourself the ease of being.

Minute one:
View your present state without judgment. This is what is.

Minute two:
Bring your attention to your breath. Do not try to alter it. Simply be with your breath flowing in and out. Notice, with your attention if the breath begins to change and how.

Minute three:
Continue to breathe, and bring your attention to your entire felt sense of the body. Do not try to alter your body in any way - but, if a natural impulse arises to move, follow the impulse. Breath, body, breath, body.

Minute four:
After giving 100% attention to the breath and the body you may notice a shift in your mind, your state of being. Notice if your mind is quiet, silent, spacious, and still. Notice if your mind is scattered, noisy, cluttered. Whatever it is, just notice.

Minute five:
Bring your breath, body and mind together in union. Feel the power of your presence. Consider bowing or another whole body movement to reflect your current way of surrender.

Complete your practice by
committing (and recommitting) to stay present in service of blessings. 
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Breath, Body, Mind
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