Somatic FinanceTM - The Heart 


As more of humanity practices heart-based living
it will qualify the 'rite of passage' into the next level of consciousness.
Using our heart's intuitive guidance will become common sense -
based on practical intelligence. ~ Doc Childre, Founder of HeartMath

Now more than ever, the world needs money to move through the heart. How does this statement land for you? Do you want to stay in the question? If it moves you, this declaration is for you, to carry the torch, the fire if you will, from and through the heart.

You have heard Einstein's famous quote, that you cannot solve a problem in the same plane it was created. The heart brain is a problem-solving engine. Access to the heart and brain, through developmental practices, gives us a direct link to this engine. The heart knows everything is possible, even when the head tries to prove otherwise. The brain can solve problems and bring intention into being. But it is the open connection between the heart and head that allows new solutions to manifest.

The Heart is incredibly vast and complex. In some ways I hardly know where to begin. What would be the beginning of, what I deem to be, the most important somatic practice and radical development in modern culture? The heart is the powerful and complex connection for the lower body and upper body. In the language of Somatic FinanceTM, the heart weaves the brilliance of the head and the power of the belly.


Sitting or standing, be still. Feel your feet flat on the floor and rooted in the earth. Lift your spine and bring your attention to the heart center. Begin to breathe gently into the center of your heart. Begin with the front, add the back heart, low heart, high heart, left side and right side.

After the six directions are touched, allow each in-breath to intensify your connection, and each out-breath to expand your heart space. Note: it is common to feel physical pain with this practice. If the pain feels too intense, release the practice and offer loving attention to your heart space. Now ask, what would it be like if all money movement came through the heart center?

If you asked me over three years ago if I was open and felt deeply I would have said without a doubt, absolutely. I am sensitive and emote deeply; I almost always sense situations and I am well attuned to myself and others. I am easily moved to tears and connect with ease. My family codes movies with a "Gayle tear model" on a one-tear to five-tear scale.

My self-perception shifted when I was introduced to a spiritual practice intended to somatically open my heart, authentically, without a shred of debris. A Buddhist practice by the name of Tonglen means giving and receiving. It is practiced to develop compassion and the ability to be present for our own suffering and the suffering of others. Tonglen is a beautiful practice and I confess that prior to understanding the power of heart soma, my experience with Tonglen was quite conceptual. It came from my mind. Well-meaning, but hardly fruitful.

An entirely new experience emerged for me when I began to practice the somatic heart-opening exercises. They are called bodhicitta: "enlightenment-mind," the mind that strives toward awakening and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings.

At first, I was stunned by the pain held in my heart. A burning fire sensation, along with ice-pick jabs, caused me to believe that either I was doing it wrong, and/or was having an early heart attack. Actually, this experience was "normal." It was the discovery of a normal heart's obstacles and protective walls. With focused practice, the heart naturally releases the obstacles and protections, to reveal its true essence, our true essence.

A spiritual practice like Tonglen, or bodhicitta, is not essential to access the heart. You may be interested, perhaps called to this path, but its specific structure is not required. What is needed is courage, curiosity and willingness, together with warrior attitude. Breaking down the barriers of the heart is "heart-work." It hurts. Understanding that it hurts is not to dissuade you. Possibly your experience would emerge differently because each of us has a unique "heart imprint," to access directly with practice.

Do you question, after reading that heart practices are not a tickle adventure or cuddly hug, why do this practice? We can't not do this practice. We must all open our hearts; the body is the most direct, clear and fruitful way to do so.

Our minds are no longer sufficient to meet the realities of this expanding world. The veils, obstacles and walls covering our heart centers create delusion, confusion, and doubt. We need and require the wisdom and clarity that the heart brings to each situation.

From my April article on "the head", you may recall that the head represents wisdom. It is the unity of Knowledge and Intuition, from the left and right brains. The connection from the heart to the brain can be a supercharged highway. Intuition could be described as heart wisdom, beaming online.

The field of heart studies elucidates current scientific findings that are essential to our evolution, and to the evolution of finance. The electromagnetic field generated by the heart is sixty times larger than the brain's. The magnetic component of the heart's field is 5,000 times stronger than the brain's. Yes, that's right, 5,000 times stronger! The heart's electromagnetic field permeates every cell of the body and beyond; the mother lode of wisdom and compassion. Actually she has always been in charge, but now we are being called to recognize, open, and consciously engage, for the benefit of all areas of life.

Let's look at how this relates to money. Three ingredients weave together in the field of financial planning: integrity, alignment and right action, for the purpose of manifesting individual and collective well-being. Empowered by integrity, we can feel through the heart and align with our client's truth to support right action. Right action illuminates the hearts of clients, leading to potential and well-being. If we are not practicing through the heart while integrating the head and the belly, we become the academic, the philanthropist, or the capitalist (see May 2014 issue), which are partial perspectives that likely are unconsciously serving our own needs, rather than others.

Through unconditional presence, we can connect authentically with others, listening generously, communicating cleanly, and connecting seamlessly. These are not simple words. They reflect consistent practice.

Even when we are not gasping to survive, money taps directly to survival. The survival program that has been running in the background of our unconscious no longer serves reality. Be a thought leader, game changer and scout before the pioneers. Find your heart. The heart brings us into direct connection with what is going on in the body. The body is our path for liberation.

Allow this offering to be just enough; there is so much more to share and we are just getting started. Ultimate bodhicitta is pristine. There is just space, just love, just wisdom. No inside, No outside, No here, no there. It's where we are all headed. In this space, money is love. Who knew?

Heart illuminating,
Be Moved...
The goal of life is to make your heart beat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature. ~ Joseph Campbell