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5-Minute Try It
Hands in Sand

Purpose: To feel and sense the creativity that moves 
through arms and hands. To compare creative experiences
 between our dominant and non-dominant hands.  

For practice, you will need: 
a bowl of sand or 
a sand Zen garden, or 
be outside on the ground with the dirt

Minute one:

Sense into your present state of mind.
Notice any sensations in your body.
Allow your awareness to be concentrated in your hands and sand.

Minute two:
With a bowl of sand, sink your hands in the center of bowl.
Feel the texture of the sand around your fingers.
Move your hands in the sand freely.

Minute three:
Grab sand in your hands. Make a tight fist and release.
Notice the feelings arising in your hands, fingers and arms. 

Minute four:
With a Zen garden, use a rake to make designs in the sand.
Allow your arm and hand movement to be expressive, creative and fluid.  
If outside, use a small stick for expressive movement in the dirt. 

Minute five:
Repeat the creative expression with your non-dominant hand in the sand.     

Complete your practice
appreciating your hands, and being aware of the gentle and
creative movements that expand your capacity.
Notice the difference between dominant and non-dominant hands.   
Daily 5-Minute Practice:
Practice Hands in Sand several times a week to build
your sensing muscles through your hands and arms.
Notice any shifts in your creative expression.

Moving with awareness and use of non-dominant hands
creates new neural pathways ... boosting creative capacity!
Be Inspired...

"Nothing is worth losing the peace in your heart."
~ Babji

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

Here's what is said about MoneYoga... 

MoneYoga is a goldmine of wisdom, freedom, fun, and support. Gayle and Nadia are compassionate powerhouses - each of them accomplished and impeccable in her field - who work beautifully together to create an experience that left all of us richer in every possible way. In sessions that balance flow and focus, they invite participants to experience wealth, power, and genius as embodied truths rather than as abstract ideas. I looked forwards to our monthly gatherings with pleasure, knowing I would leave feeling freer and more hopeful in body and soul than when I arrived. The circle Gayle and Nadia created and curated was a place of respect, trust, dignity, humor, safety, and growth, and I loved the women who chose to gather there. My most valuable takeaway was the sense that my own body is my dearest ally, supporter, counselor, and friend. I recommend this class whole-heartedly to everyone. If you wish to feel your own limitless power and abundance, this is the class for you!

~ Kate

Participating in the MoneYoga workshops helped me notice how I was feeling in my body when I was dealing with money transactions and this had some interesting results. For example, I went shopping for a blouse just to have a little fun. After looking through the racks for a while, I suddenly noticed that my shoulders were slumping, my forehead was furrowed and I was starting to feel tired and grumpy. So not having fun! Having this body awareness helped me to snap out it. I left the store, empty-handed, and interested to see that having this insight helped me make a different choice.

Gayle and Nadia offer a warm and welcoming invitation to explore feelings and develop awareness around money issues that come up every day. I look forward to more exploration with them - and more insights!

~ Shannon

Stay tuned for the fall, our season MoneYoga theme:
Money Confidence, building sustainable muscles.