July ~ Plug-In or Socket-Out
5-Minute Try It
The Plug or the Socket
Movement & Stillness - Action & Clarity
Before you Try It, click here to read up on 
The Plug and The Socket, from the article earlier this month.

Minute one: 
Determine if you are practicing the Plug or the Socket. 
Create a gesture to reflect that intention and express it out loud. 

Minute two: 
With your gesture, intensify your energy and notice how familiar, or not, 
this body stance feels. Stay present to it. 

Minute three: 
Seek clarity. As a plugger, intend to see clearly what action is needed. 
As a socket, intend to be transparent so others can see clearly. 

Minute four: 
Open and intensify clarity so that your body generates 
the energy to activate the right response. 

Minute five: 
Trust. Whatever arises in the open clarity, trust that the response meets 
your intention of plugging in or revealing a socket. 

Complete your practice 
with an appreciation of the synergy of connecting.
Be Inspired...
Join us at Gaining Ground in Concord
summer acornAs part of Colman Knight's 25th Anniversary Celebration, on July 24th, current CK clients & guests are invited to join us in day of giving back.

We will be volunteering at Gaining Ground, a non-profit organic farm that grows vegetables and fruit with the help of hundreds of community volunteers and donates all of this fresh food to area meal programs and food pantries.

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A brand new look for GayleColman.com

I'm excited to unveil a new look and new experience on my website... 

coming next month.  Stay tuned!