Make Friends with Movement


If you are following the articles on Somatic FinanceTM,, look for "the heart" in July. I am interrupting the Somatic FinanceTM, teachings for an important announcement: please MOVE! :-)) While allowing humor to dance in this space, I am serious about your movement development.

When movement is our friend, the obstacles and suffering that arise in our experience with change can dissolve. When we embody movement in our way of being, we don't even need to label something as change! We expand our capacity to be with situations in a more skillful and powerful way.

I love the metaphor of surfing to describe the experience. Picture yourself lying on a surfboard, paddling in the infinite ocean of experience, waiting for a wave. You spot a wave approaching. You direct your board toward the shore and quickly paddle to match the speed of the wave. You come to your knees and flex your feet, positioned to stand. As the wave pulls you with graceful force, you push upward to stand, balanced and steady. Riding the curve of the wave with flexibility, ease, stability and a lot of joy, you glide in bliss towards the shore. Then you turn around to catch another wave. How was that visualization? Try it again if you didn't smile.

For a little more fun, add the word change to the visualization! Paddling your surfboard in the ocean of change, saying change, I am changing, this is changing, the waves are changing, my arms are changing, water is splashing/changing, the wave is changing, my body is changing, oh no, the wave changing, board changing ... do you get the joke? The surfing metaphor is intended to magnify the absurdity of our resistance.

Every moment - every nano-second - is movement. When our minds are fixed that something is static, we then must believe that change exists. Actually, there is simply movement.

Every moment is movement.
When we assume that something is static,
we must believe that change exists.
In truth, there is simply movement.

Like a camera takes a picture of a specific point in time, our minds take pictures too. These mind pictures create a belief that a scene is immobile. Cognitively we know that a picture is not inert, but underneath, there is a reassuring belief that operates to the contrary. How do I know this? Because we have the concept of change! Interesting.

When movement is befriended, the hiccups coming from change are no longer part of your direct experience. Movement equates to flow... up and down, swoosh and swirl, bounce and bump. Change tries to control. Movement opens ease. But like I always say, don't take my word for it, experiment. Are you willing to release change in favor of movement?

Try experimenting with your finances. Consider cash flow as movement, movement coming in, taking the form of earned income, and movement going out, in the form of spending. Cash flow is fairly obvious, providing a stepping stone. Next, consider your savings and investments and how they move up and down. Values are not static. They move with interest rates, earnings growth, earnings loss, dividends, interest, stock splits, taxes levied. Need I say more? Bring to mind another financial measure that may seem static, your home or property value. Believe it or not, the value of your home is moving all of the time. The term illiquid is frequently used in finance to indicate the inability to access cash quickly. But it also fosters the idea that a value is constant just because it is illiquid. Not so.

Please continue to practice befriending movement, while integrating your money into a new view and new way. Allow your body to support your practice. Your body constantly moves, even when you are still. Paying attention to the subtle movement in your body provides a clear reflection on the movement in life.

In the words of Andy Rooney, now you know the rest of the story about MoneyMoves´┐Ż: money does move, and so does everything else!

Grooving and Moving...
Surfing and Splashing,
Be Moved...