June ~ Balance: The Middle Way
5-Minute Try It
Get Outside:  Nature as Balance Enhancer
Get Outside

If you cannot get outside for a walk in nature, try 5 Minutes like this: 

Minute one: 
Stand tall with spine straight and feet rooted in the ground. Relax into gravity. Notice the energy of the earth rising through your feet. Breathe and balance. 

Minute two: 
Find a tree or rock and greet it with the palm of your hand. Notice the energy of the tree or rock meeting your skin. Breathe and balance. 

Minute three: 
Stand tall and raise your arms up by your sides. Feel the air touching your entire body. Allow the soft breeze to move through you. Breathe and balance. 

Minute four: 
Look up to the sky, see the canopy of trees or clouds or vast blue canvas. Allow a vertical pulse to move through the center of your body in front of your spine. Breathe and balance. 

Minute five: 
Let go of activity. Sense equilibrium in your body and equanimity in your mind. 

Complete your practice with 
an intention to stay balanced in service of life.
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The Designs of Carol Van Zandt

Be inspired by textile designer and fine artist, Carol Van Zandt's designs, which she describes as...

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A brand new look for GayleColman.com

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