Celebrations and Expectations

5-Minute Try It
Why Wait? Celebrate!

Purpose: To gain access to the full spectrum of celebration.

Minute one:
Feel your entire body and ask, where does celebration live in my body? 

Minute two:
Be silent and listen to your body's answer.
(Hint: notice sensations, be curious.) 

Minute three:
Allow the sensations to travel to: your lips, toes, hips and heart. 

Minute four:
Place your full attention on one (i.e. lips) and
intensify your attention. What happens?

Minute five:
Enjoy the fruition of your celebration attention.
Are your lips smiling, heart fluttering, toes tingling, hips sashaying? 

Complete this practice
by recognizing your ability to celebrate - in big and little ways.
Allow your body to show you the way! 

Daily 5 minute Practice:
Practice Why Wait? Celebrate! Right now.
Declare with a verbal statement: "I commit to celebration - in all flavors!"

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