Screaming Noise, Listen to the Whispers
...of your own voice

5-Minute Try It
Your Money Whisperer

Purpose:  To develop your capacity to turn off the Screaming Noise and
Listen to the gentle whispers of your own wisdom.

Minute one:
Be awake to the screaming money noise - of this moment.

Minute two:
Fully aware of the noise, what center in your body
(head, heart or belly) is most activated? 

Minute three:
Pay attention to that center.
What is the texture, the space, the sensations, the felt sense?
Describe in one word or phrase or picture. 

Minute four:
Be with your discoveries.
Bring a gentle breath to the space.

Minute five:
What has happened to the noise? 

Complete your practice
by sensing the opening to the whisper of your own voice. 

Daily 5 minute Practice:
Practice finding your money whisperer once a week in a contemplative space. Each week, write the whispers you hear in your money whisper journal.


A special note:
I know some of you might be missing the 5 Minute Try It videos;
no worries, they'll be back in the summer after Gayle's writing sabbatical slows.

Be Inspired...

Kate Chadbourne at Main Streets Market & Cafe in Concord, MA 

I'm delighted to spend an evening with the wonderful Ellen Schmidt and all our friends, including the spirited and soulful Cooper & Kenneally with whom I'll be sharing the feature (and Kenneally is one of the Chanticleers, so I'll be doubly glad to see and her her!)

Monday, March 30th
Open-mike starts at 7, mini-feature at 7:45, and features at 8:30 and 9:00

Main Streets Market & Cafe
42 Main Street, Concord, MA

To sign up for a spot or to reserve a table for dinner, please contact Ellen at

Simple Cold Remedy - Tasty Tempting Tea

Nasty colds are swirling around this winter. Here's my favorite inspiration for clearing out the congestion, and for regular health maintenance: hot water with lemon, honey, ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.  

Health is our number one asset. Help your body stay full of vitality and vibrant health!

The Enchanted Kitchen

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Delicious, family style entrees ready to pop in your oven and serve piping hot to your hungry family! (Lunches, too.)