March ~ Somatic FinanceTM -
The Landscape
5-Minute Try It
Matching, Relating and Fusing

 Minute one:

Recognize your magnificence and blessing on this earth.
Recognize the magnificence of others. 

Minute two:
Bring to mind a tree - any type. Root your feet and body.
Feel your spine, strength and the ground.  

Minute three:
Be a Master Martial Artist; move like a master.
Try the fluid movement of Aikido. 

Minute four:
Bring to mind a person who you feel neutral towards.
Notice what arises in your body when you relate to them. 

Minute five:
Bring to mind someone or something you love:
open your heart and move with the gestures of this other.     

Complete your practice
recognizing our seamless and continuous connections
with all others and with all of life. 

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Authentic Happiness
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