Somatic FinanceTM - The Belly
5-Minute Try It
Feet Love

Purpose: To recognize the important of our feet for 
sustained mobility and balance. With practice, we strengthen 
our capacity to connect powerfully with the earth and feel supported. 

For practice, you will need: 
a chair,
comfortable clothing, 
bare feet.

Minute one:

Sit comfortably with soles of feet touching the earth.
Placing attention on your feet, consider them to be
like hands resting on the earth. 

Minute two:
Appreciate the connection your feet have each time you step.
With appreciation in mind, bring your left foot to rest on your right knee.
Give your foot a few hand taps and a massage.   

Minute three:
Take your right hand and interlace your fingers in your toes like a handshake. Relax your foot as your hand makes circular motions while holding the toes. 

Minute four:
Release your foot back to the ground and notice the difference
with your right foot. How does your left foot feel more alive? 

Minute five:
Repeat the steps with your right foot on your left knee.     

Complete your practice
with your soles resting on the ground; 
alive, awake and ready to support you.  
Daily 5-Minute Practice:
Practice Feet Love any time of the day (the shower works!)
to strengthen your flexibility, balance and feet health.
After a few weeks of practice, notice when moving the ease
of your stride and connection to the ground.
Feet Love creates Happy Feet!
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Your Belly, Your Primordial Planet
by Lisa Sarasohn

At the very center of who you are is this universe of primordial organisms ancient in shape, function, structure. As qigong teacher and internal alchemist Michael Winn suggests, these bacteria "represent the larger collective field internalized within humans - our shortcut path to accessing the environment."

We live within the universe; the universe lives within us.

Our Bellies are Our Compass
"Lovingly setting clear, healthy boundaries makes it possible to live side-by-side with others while navigating our own course according to Love's unfailing compass - self-knowledge, humility, stillness and spiritual integrity." 

~ Kate Mullane Robertson