I LOVE to Work!

5-Minute Try It
Ecstatic Work

Purpose: To nourish your Work in genius or move toward
increased Genius activity.

Minute one:
Get a sense of the three aspects of genius: Passion, Skills and Impact.
Recognize energy, ease and generosity as somatic
experiences when activating genius.

Minute two:
Visualize your work activity with sincerity and intensity.
Feel your body sensations. 

Minute three:
Does your body feel energy?
.... vibrancy, movement, vitality, alive 

Minute four:
Does your body feel ease?
.... calm, fluid, spacious, still

Minute five:
Does your body feel generosity?
.... warmth, a heart smile, open, connection 

Complete this practice
by assessing your percent of genius play -
combine that assessment with one of the following commitments
1) to be in your genius more than 50% of the time,
2) to be in your genius more than 75% of the time, or
3) to be in your genius 100% of time and inspire others to be in theirs. 

Daily 5 minute Practice:
Practice Ecstatic Work with intention and commitment by
reflecting on and feeling deeply your three areas of genius activities:
Passion (energy), Skills (ease) and Impact (generosity).
Co-create with your body to optimize Genius -
generating energy, flowing with ease and opening the heart.

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Introduction to Somatic Finance TM

You're invited to an introductory workshop on Somatic FinanceTM , a new way of being with money.  This workshop offers study and practice connecting the brilliance of the mind with the integrity of one's body center through the compassion of the heart.


Learn if you are like the Academic: in your head owning money facts.  Or perhaps you are like the Philanthropist: in your heart giving money away.  Or maybe you are like the Capitalist: in your belly generating money flow. 


Please join Gayle for a lively and deep dive, gaining insights and practices on how to evolve in our financial behavior and practices in present time.  Come with a willingness to explore, play and be surprised. Leave with new awareness and money practices that enable you to build new money muscles in service of your growth and well-being. 


BareSole Yoga in Carlisle, MA

Saturday, June 20th from 9:00am - 12:00pm


Pre-registration is required as space is limited to 15 participants.


Click here to reserve your spot.
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