November ~ I'm Sorry and Thank You
5-Minute Try It
Wake-Up Your Body

Minute one:

Smile, wiggle and wrinkle your face.
Get ready to wake up!

Minute two:
Start at the top of your head and lightly tap all over with your finger-tips.
Continue to your face and neck and upper back.

Minute three:
Move your taps to your chest area.
Continue to your belly.

Minute four:
Stretch your arms toward the back and use the back of fingers
to tap all around the lower back.

Minute five:
Take the palm of your hand moving downward lightly slap the outside
of your legs and feet; move upward lightly slapping the inside of your legs.
Repeat three times.

Complete your practice with
body awareness.
What's awake? What isn't?
How do you know?
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