Be a Master of Your Mess

Our second and last child just entered college; now we are empty nesters. In our transition, I wonder, I write and I share... including on the forum of Facebook. Here is part of a recent post about the experience:

"..... A midst the chaos movement and frenzy of college packing and final plans, I am aware of the sweet tender reality of change... a new emptiness. Years ago my father visited and our home looking like a cyclone had just hit. Feebly trying to apologize for the mess, my father answered: "honey, my home is really clean and mess free; I often wish for the days when it looked like this."

Varying replies arrived and one from my brother-in-law caught my attention and offered the catalyst for this article. Here is Rex's response:

"I know your father (note to others: he's my father-in-law) and would like to observe something. It's not that he is "mess free" -- however, he is a master of his mess. He has his mess meticulously organized, and even turns his mess into artistic expressions, or uses his mess as a means to launch into some story that you wonder how you've never heard it before, even though you've heard a lifetime of his stories. Each element of his mess is a memory. I've always marveled at his garage in Maine and how it is, at the same time, a museum of mess, but is organized in a clutter-free way. It's like a Christmas tree filled with ornaments, each from a different year and different origin, but having a unified theme. That's how we keep our now-grown kids' physical presence a part of our lives (we still talk with one of them constantly and the other continuously) -- we keep their mess on display -- just a lot more clutter-free than when they were curating their own museum under our roof."

Brainstorming on mess, we can lump all of the ideas we have about a "problem" into this one word. A mess on your desk, a mess in your pants, a mess of things, a plain mess of stuff, or even, a euphemism for unwanted pregnancy - being in a mess. I'm in a jam, tangled up, we're in a pickle, a plight, a predicament. Yes, mess pretty well sums up the ideas and situations that cause us strife. So when the phrase came from Rex indicating that my father is a master of his mess, my curiosity perked up.

Wouldn't you like to be a master of your mess? Who wouldn't?

I'm nowhere near enlightenment, but I recognize that the mind creates concepts about our lives that either support evolution or build more obstacles. Becoming a master of your mess is a bridge, from obstacles to evolution. Being a master of your mess could be a way of turning around a situation once considered a problem, into a platform for growth and well-being.

The question I am asking myself is: what would becoming a master of my mess look like?

First, I can define my mess. My mess is the clutter and extra stuff in my home environment that no longer serves me or my family.

Second, I recognize with kind awareness that the mess is simply what is, in this moment. It is not good or bad, right or wrong. Mess is a description of the situation I am naming, and willing to face and digest. I notice that when I become able to face and digest what is, the prickles and tightness loosen. I can see and feel the opening. When I face and digest my extra stuff, I see clearly.

Third, I follow the opening with curiosity, discovery and intention, to manifest the field of possibilities and inspiration. This step is 100% in my body and particularly in my heart. (Instructions for this step outlined in the 5 Minute Try-It.) In other words, I do not have to think about curiosity, discovery and intention - these aspects emerge from my willingness to be fully in the process.

Fourth, from my inspiration, the creative "plan - or scaffolding - of action" gracefully emerges, for recognition and commitment.

The fifth and final step is to direct my precious energy with action.

So, always in service of your relationship to money, I ask: Are you doing a money mess? (Note: doing is an intentional verb. "Doing" indicates that it is present and happening, whether you recognize it or not. Your mess is NOT you.)

If that very expression evokes a reaction, gift yourself ease with right attention. Take a few moments to follow the steps outlined above and discover insights about your money mess. Allow the scaffolding of action to guide your way. For assistance with getting out of your head and accessing the wisdom your body innately holds, try this month's 5 Minute Try-It: Moving Money Mess.

Yes, you can be a Master of Your Mess.

Mastering mess,
Be Moved...
My brother turned 60 years last month and we celebrated his birthday in Colorado. Allow this sunrise on the mountain to honor him and offer inspiration to you to claim, with zest and joy, the precious opportunity to be shining your light on the mountain range of life.