September ~ Have a Love Affair 
With Your Body
5-Minute Try It
Body Appreciation
Minute one: 
Notice the entire felt sense of your body. 
Recognize the inevitability of aging and death.  
Smile - you and your body are alive! 

Minute two: 
Focus on your feet. 
Touch your feet with your hands and appreciate that 
these feet transport you every moment you walk. 
How are your feet responding to your awareness?

Minute three: 
Focus on your belly and touch it with your hands. 
Appreciate that the food you choose to eat passes through 
your digestive track, extracting nourishment to give you energy.  
What wisdom does your belly hold? 

Minute four: 
Focus on your heart and touch it with your hands. 
Appreciate your heart for beating and for pumping blood 
through your system, keeping you alive and vibrant.  
What does your heart know? 

Minute five: 
Focus on your arms. 
Hug your arms. 
Appreciate your arms that allow you to embrace others.
Where do your arms want to hug? 

Complete your practice by
recognizing the preciousness of your body. 
Commit to sustained body appreciation 
and notice how your body responds.
Be Inspired...
MoneYoga ~ a new class beginning this month in Carlisle

Join Gayle & Yoga Instructor and owner of BareSole Yoga, Nadia Puttini, for a unique experience joining discovery and insight, soul and spirit, body and mind... in the framework of money.

With the intention to grow, liberate and make the world a better place, Gayle and Nadia combine their varied and distinctive wisdom to foster embodiment of true wealth and life meaning.

Upcoming taster class, by donation: Thursday, September 26th at 7:00pm.

Monthly series begins October 3rd.

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