Listen and Love

5-Minute Try It
Body Bouncing

Purpose: To become more intimate with your body and 
body wellness and the energy that is always moving.

For practice, you will need: 
your body;
a flat surface to stand confidently, preferably outside.

Minute one:

Stand upright with a straight spine, soft legs,
and soft arms hanging by your side.

Minute two:
Bring awareness to soles of your feet and feel the stability of all four corners. Evenly distribute your weight by rocking forward and back and side to side.

Minute three:
With straight spine, begin to relax your knees and bounce. 

Minute four:
Continue bouncing for a full minute.

Minute five:
Stop your motion and feel the sensations coursing through your body.

Complete your practice
by recognizing that this is your body.
Express gratitude to your body for all of the ways
your body makes life possible.

Daily 5 minute Practice:
Practice Body Bouncing two ways: randomly throughout the day
when you want an energetic boost and consistently before a
regular routine (brushing teeth, going to the mailbox, daily tea).
Always notice the before and after effects of body bouncing.
Did you find your body?

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