April, 2012


Creative Dilemmas   




I want to share my current experience that has led to an inspiring framework for viewing life challenges. About a month ago I felt a spontaneous inner nudge (meaning I had no logical reason for saying yes), and I signed up for a coaching program entitled: The Coaches Studio: Where Outrageously Creative Coaching Happens. (Please see the link under Be Inspired.) While registering for the program, I heard a mental voice saying, Gayle, you have no time, absolutely no time, for this course. Right now, just a few weeks into the program that includes four calls, an online self-paced guide, a self-motivated buddy connection and online forum, I relish the rekindling of my familiar passion for creativity.  While I am not "learning anything new," I am accessing the inner longing and fire in a context that is brilliantly created, well-prepared and genuinely lived by the authors, Fred Mandell and Kathy Jordan. 


The program begins with the Four Dimensions of Change - a reality of life we all experience in varying degrees, in nano-second moments or grand drawn-out stages of maturity. These dimensions include: creative dilemma, exploration, discovery and integration.  While there is fluidity among these dimensions, the opening for something new, the catalyst for life, the energy for growth, is in the initial tension; or as the author's name, the creative dilemma.  They say, "the creative dilemma dimension arises out of a tension we feel between the current state of our lives and a sense that things can be better." People can stay in this tension for seconds or many years. How we attend to our tensions, our creative dilemmas, shapes our experience in life. 


The euphemism "creative dilemma," used for tension, helps us to recognize that tension is a subtle (or maybe not so subtle) wake up call to your life. It is our body nudging us to see what we are not willing to see, very much like the tension I felt when the opportunity came to sign up for the course. Do I sign up? Yes or no? Tension is the energy that allows for something new to emerge. Depending upon your view, tension can be creative or difficult. The opportunity available is to see and experience ALL tension as a creative dilemma, ultimately, that is what it is ...


Creative dilemmas are applicable in every aspect of life; consider any situation - work, home, school, relationships, health, money and so on. At Colman Knight, we practice Holacracy, a progressive and liberating way of governing, organizing and sustaining an organization. Each week we process tensions. As Holacracy offers, tensions are "potential futures that are different from present reality, and would be a step forward in some way."  (Did you pick up the similarity in definitions?) These tensions are internal nudges that we each pay attention to on behalf of the Colman Knight purpose. Since our tensions have a clearly structured path for processing, our tensions do not become unfriendly. In fact, they are creative dilemmas and this word-change, my friends, may just be a new tension I bring forth in our next meeting.  We are not managing tensions, we are openly processing creative dilemmas!


In your life, consider the situations that are causing you tension.  Swap the view of tension with creative dilemma.  Notice any shifts in your experience. What are you willing to do, what new action might you take, what is arising now ... that would support your creative manifestations in the world?


Creatively exploring,


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5-Minute TRY It
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Minute one:  Get willing to look silly. Get willing to NOT have a reason for doing this activity. If you are not willing, select another Try-It from the archives!  Find willingness in your body and smile.


Minute two:  Imagine an animal and strike a pose in the image of that animal. Notice your body sensations. Pick one sensation and move your entire body to that pulse. Extra credit: give voice to your animal.


Minute three:  Imagine a place in nature and strike a pose in the image of that place. Notice your body sensations. Pick one sensation and move your entire body to nature's rhythm. Pay attention to your pace.


Minute four:  Imagine an object and strike a pose in the image of that object. Notice your body sensations. Pick one sensation and move your body to the beat of the object. Does your object have color? Make it brighter.


Minute five:  Strike a pose that reflects your present state of mind. Notice your body sensations and follow any impulses to move. 


Complete your practice with appreciation to the one in you willing to imagine, strike a pose and move ... for no reason. And, by the way, what did you learn?

How Much is Enough? 
... Protection 


Moving along the months of our year of financial fitness, we explore this month the topic of Protection, commonly known in financial planning as insurance. Insurance protection arises in various forms to assist with protecting different aspects of life. The focus this month includes all forms of protection for assets, tangibles and earning power.  For now I am excluding health-related insurance; I will cover this significant topic another month.


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  Where does creativity end?  It does not.  It merely changes.  We reach the point of change - we pass through. 

~A Thousand Paths to Creativity by David Baird


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