August, 2011


 Anticipate, Plan and Prepare - Really? Enough already!



As you are reading this message, I am nestled in the mountains of Colorado on a meditation retreat. My mind and attention are not on this month's MoneyMovesTM News (at least I don't think so!).  I wrote this message in mid-july, in anticipation of what was to come in August, with an eye on the future. Keeping my attention in the future is the way I used to live my life. It wasn't spontaneous, free and fun, but it certainly gave me a sense of control and made me feel like I knew what to expect. Planning for the future is a protective way of being and a subtle dis to the present, saying "I'm bored," When planning and preparing is constant, you are not here now, you are futurizing.  We all have a tendency to live either in the future or the past. Our preference is encoded in our DNA and saturates our being as we develop. Getting curious about where you go - to the past or the future - is the first move in building your muscle to stay present. I'll share a few of the benefits for staying present, but the best way to find out is direct experience. Experiment with your own situation and use the Be Present tool under Be Inspired to support your exploration.


Once you taste the magic and profundity of being fully engaged in the present, the cat is out of the bag, and there is no turning back. Recognition that there is nothing but now and that every moment is stunning and "all you get" is compelling.  So let's look at the benefits of being here - really present. 


Can life get any funnier? You bet it can. Studies show that children laugh upwards of 300 times a day and adults hover around 7.  Learn to be present and you will turn the clock around by hitting double and triple laugh digits. If you are not tuned into what is happening right now, how can you see and open to the lighter side of the situation?  


When you are fully engaged in this moment, nothing lingers in any interaction for you to process later. This statement means that whatever arises in the body (thoughts, feelings, sensations), you are present to all of its glory - enjoying being human.  My partner remarked this past weekend after visiting my parents that it was enjoyable to witness a really healthy and clear good-bye.  A little puzzled, I asked, "What do you mean?" He said, "Well, I recall many visits where we spent a good hour processing your exchanges with your parents."  I could feel what he was talking about; I have no debris that lingers anymore. Every interaction is met in the moment with awareness and attention. This practice enables authenticity and intimacy to flourish.


Miracles and magic may seem like fantasy but they happen all the time, even right now. If you let go of planning and open to something new, this view allows other possibilities to emerge. These possibilities are magical ... you could never have planned them and so they arise and surprise you, delight you. A dear friend lying in his hammock with his beloved enjoyed a magical display of fireworks on an overcast July 4th evening. Just as the brilliant finale ended, the clouds began to shower gentle rain.  He said, "I could not have planned a more perfect evening."  He can't. You can't. I can't. 


The benefits are limitless; these are a few that come to mind right now. My suggestion is to experiment and see what you notice. Your experience is what really matters, not what I write. 


As we savor the last month of summer, let go of tomorrow in favor of every moment - tasting, relishing being alive.


Beaming now, 


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5-Minute TRY It!
This Month's Article: "Forecasting Financials"
Be Moved...
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Be Moved...
5-Minute TRY It


Be Body Present, Savor NOW


1.  Minute one:  Locate yourself either sitting, standing or lying down. Feel the part of your body touching the floor, chair or earth. Breathe into your belly.


2.  Minute two:  Begin to scan your body from your feet to your head. Begin by putting all of your attention on your feet. Notice the sensations in your feet... heat, pulsing tingles.


3.  Minute three:  Expand the sensations up your legs by putting your attention on your legs; add your arms. Notice the energy in your limbs. Breathe. 


4.  Minute four:  Connect your legs and arms by including your torso. Be fully aware of your body below the neck. What sensations do you notice? Breathe.


5.  Minute five:  Include your entire body in your awareness. Breathe and enjoy the presence of your body.


6.  Complete your practice by savoring the felt sense of your body. Express an appreciation to your body. (i.e. I appreciate how my body feels; I appreciate how my body moves from point A to point B.) 


Forecasting Financials

Every financial planner is well versed in preparing financial statements. These reports are an important part of the financial planning process. Preparing financial statements - forecasting financials - is one part of one of the six steps required by all Certified Financial Planners´┐Ż.  We regularly prepare financial statements and forecast the future for our clients. The structure and landscape looking forward allow meaningful conversation and "what ifs" to emerge. The dialogue fosters clarity, connection and purpose-filled action.  This experience happens when financial planning is done well.  


Financial planning turns sour when forecasting financials is used as a crutch for preparing, anticipating, controlling the future or trying to control ... the unknown. Don't be mistaken, I believe there is great value in creating financial statements. They are needed and essential for meaningful conversation. The problem begins and escalates when the view is static and there is no room for change.  Financials are the river we dynamically navigate in our boat of choice.  If you believe that the river is unchanging, you will be in for a big surprise when ... your canoe tips over, your raft catches a rock, the rapids turn frothy white, your vessel runs aground.

Just like any new skill, this capacity requires new muscles.  These muscles are not more information about the future...



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Be Moved


Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.


~ John Lennon


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