December, 2011


Shifting from 

Consumption to Creation  




Arriving at this moment in early December, wanting to inspire with profound and warming words, I am called to slow down my pace, digest the theme of this article, and model conscious creation.  Offerings of any kind, including written ones, can be a conscious creation, or consumption.  Conscious creation attends to the present moment with clarity, purpose and intention.  Consumption can often be unconscious, anxiety-driven and reactive.  Right now, am I writing for my benefit, the benefit of others, or both?  Am I aware of the resources (others' time and energy) that will be spent reading this article?  How are my words creating an output that will be of service?

In life, when are we consciously creating (relationships, work, gratitude, energy) and when are we mindlessly consuming?  Growing up means that at some point on the journey we flip the toggle. Our life energy for creating begins to outweigh consumption.  Money maturity follows the same journey, too. Let's explore a few of the myriad places and ways in life that beckon our awareness for conscious creation.

Food consumption - Do we eat food with a view of nourishing source of energy to support creative expression and body aliveness?  Or, are we randomly eating to squelch a perceived hunger pain? Do we sort unneeded food from the refrigerator?
Natural resources - Are we aware of the many natural resources that comprise our convenience goods and services (plastics, petroleum, etc.) and the output of our choices?
Stuff - How much tangible "stuff" surrounds us and our lives?  I am intentionally not defining "stuff."  Compose your own description of "stuff."  Wonder into the creative or consuming aspect of "your stuff."
Living space - Does the space in which we reside catalyze creativity or consumption? Are we living sufficiently or lavishly? Do we have extra space that goes unused?
Limitless mind - Do we allow our brilliant minds to be consumed with busy thoughts (worry, anxiety, fear, doubt)? Or, have we tamed the tiger, so that we can see through the consuming energy, to creative space and generous wisdom?
Heart - love - gratitude - Do we, can we, allow these discoveries to inform our hearts and our behavior, so that our way of being in the world comes from the broadest view?  

This exploration is not highlighted to admonish you or me; it is an opportunity to see something new, make a conscious choice and align our practices and actions with our authentic intentions.  During the holidays, when there is clear evidence of reactive consumption, we can choose to shift our balance, and consciously, beautifully, joyfully, create.

With love - consciously creating - for the holidays,  


Re-Think Gift Cards

As the time of holiday gift-giving approaches, I want to re-visit an experience of mine, to support your gift-giving decisions this season.  Gift cards have been and continue to be popular ways of satisfying a gift for another.  They are easy actions when you don't know "the perfect" gift someone would want to receive, but you have a sense of the types of interests they might enjoy, such as, music, entertainment, videos, or clothing.  I, too, have used gift cards in the past for children's birthdays, nieces and nephews, professional colleagues and teammates on sports teams.  However, I have finally come to the conclusion that gift cards are not a good idea, and I have stopped purchasing them.  Here's why...  

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5-Minute TRY It
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Note:  this Try It is inspired by one of my

MoneyMoves™ cards: Ready to Spend. Practice this before you go out holiday shopping (or shopping anytime); put it to use when you are in the moment of spending. 


1.  Minute one:  With item in hand, in basket or in shopping cart, pause and feel your entire body supported by gravity and your feet. Gather energy in your belly so that you feel grounded and confident.  


2.  Minute two:  Look at the item(s) you are about to purchase for yourself or for another and ask: is this satisfying a need, for me or the other?  Pay attention to your body sensations, thoughts and feelings.  What arises?


3.  Minute three:  Again, look at the items to purchase, centering your body in gravity and ask: is this satisfying a want for me or the other?  Pay attention to your body sensations, thoughts and feelings. What arises?


4.  Minute four:  Again, look at the items to purchase, centering your body in gravity and ask: is this satisfying a rush just for me?  Pay attention to your body sensations, thoughts and feelings.  What arises?


5.  Minute five:  Say to yourself: I can have anything I need or want.  Imagine purchasing this item(s).  What happens next?  Bring your awareness to your body wisdom.  What is this wisdom telling you?


6.  Complete your practice by purchasing the items that cultivate authentic joy, generosity and meaning.  Let go of the items that caused constriction, adrenaline rushes, or "have to" thoughts.

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