January, 2012


What Really Matters  




On our holiday ski vacation, I visited the local health clinic with my son. It wasn't a dire emergency, but he needed medical attention. While checking in I noticed a book for sale by a doctor, Karen M. Wyatt MD, entitled What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from Stories of the Dying. I've never seen a book for sale in a doctor's office and this one caught my attention. I bought a copy.  The stories are touching my heart with real, simple and profound lessons. 


The first lesson Dr. Wyatt offers is:  when suffering, embrace your difficulties. In our western culture we suffer a lot. We suffer a lot around money. My belief is that money is a valuable portal for learning the lesson of suffering. In money and finance, it is sometimes said that money doesn't matter, as a way to face suffering. And money doesn't matter, unless you don't have enough to survive. Is that really true? Several years ago I had a conversation with a friend who taught me the depth of her suffering when I indicated that money did not matter. It was a beautiful gift and lesson for me in tending to the money stories of others. She was suffering so much about her lack of money that the notion of money not mattering erupted deep emotions of fear and anger.


Suffering opens the gateway to growth. Everyone, yes everyone, I have ever met (including myself) struggles with money at some point in life.  From my own experience, it is possible to breathe into the fear, anger and sadness that sometimes arises, execute practices to support awareness and come from a view that sees the gift in our struggles with money. Accompanying suffering individuals on that journey, as a compassionate yet fearless guide, is a precious calling for me.


Consider your experience with money - earning, saving, investing, giving, winning, losing, spending - they are all fertile fields for exploration, insight and growth. How is money teaching you about suffering? Can you see money as a teacher? Where are you suffering? Are you willing to look closer at your money experiences and what really matters about money, and to embody the essential lesson?


In 2012, MoneyMovesTM will continue to expand its offerings, in Facebook, my website and other avenues to reach others. In MoneyMovesTM News I intend to offer a year of financial fitness. Each month will attend to one facet of finances covering the landscape of essential financial matters.  I am excited to invite you to attend to the facet of the month, for your benefit and well-being. The January article starts with commitment and financial organization. 


Welcome to 2012, another year, many months, wondering weeks, delicious days, hours, minutes and seconds - segments of time that ignite the present moment. 


Making each moment matter,


A Year of Financial Fitness

"Money skills are 21st century 

survival skills."


The quote above is from my old friend, Dick Wagner, a pioneer and thought leader in the financial planning community. He has shared this insight for several years on many occasions. Now more than ever, I believe, this truth is essential.  We can get by without knowing history, biology and physics. But we are required to face money at this time in our culture if we want to survive and thrive. Thirty years ago, while examining and dissecting a homeowner's insurance policy and an umbrella policy for a fictitious family in Dr. O'Toole's Risk Management course, I raised my head and wondered, what the heck are my friends who are earning liberal arts degrees going to do when they get out in the "real world"?  It was this moment I landed on my passion for service.

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5-Minute TRY It
Last Breath
Note: Engaging this Try It may catalyze deep emotion. If you feel really triggered, please breathe into your body and sense gravity holding you in mother earth's arms.


1.  Minute one: Contemplate each breath taken as possibly being your last.


2.  Minute two:  Now practice each breath as your last. Breathe in, breathe out and relax ... in the moment of relaxing as your breath releases, for this brief moment contemplate this as your last breath.


3.  Minute three:  Notice any emotional response to this contemplation.


4.  Minute four:  Being with any emotion, are there any completions - with yourself or others - that arise?


5.  Minute five:  Consider these completions, one by one.


6.  Complete your practice by writing down any completions you wish to attend to and by when.

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Health Wealth

How does staying physically healthy impact your finances as well as sustain 

well-being your entire life?

Just Enough Protection

How much insurance is sufficient to protect you, your family and your assets? 

Is there really a magic number?

Refresh Your Estate Documents

Do you really need to draft documents for life's last transition?

Clarity and Integrity in Spending

What is so important about cash flow?


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