July, 2011


Clearing and Completing Paves 

the Way for Creating




Create - Sustain - Destroy, Birth - Life - Death, Begin - Experience - Complete ... these are common descriptions of the cycle of life, continuous and evolving.  I prefer the active tense - creating, sustaining and destroying - to more accurately depict the fluidity and impermanence of our experience. This month, I shine light primarily on destroying, and a little on sustaining.  Both activities, destroying and sustaining, open the path for creativity to flourish.  When something needs to be put to rest and energy is directed instead at keeping this something alive, there is no space for a broader view or for the imagination to express creatively.  We stay stuck, contracted and contained until we gather the courage to see and take action to complete. 


Knowing how creativity flourishes is important on many levels. I will touch upon a few. Notice what sparks your interest most.


On the physical level, consider your exterior environment. Are there items in your home, office, car, etc. that capture your attention and distract you from your objectives? If so, it might serve you to clear the clutter and experience a clean view.  Still on the physical level, consider your interior environment, your body. If your food consumption and digestive system are not productively moving (please excuse the coarse topic... but it is relevant), you might benefit from a cleansing diet.


Clearing and completing in your environment gives your biology a rest. This rest fuels creative sparks and new growth. 


Relationships of all kinds, familial, platonic and amorous, offer another place to open the path for creativity. Are you trying really hard to sustain a connection with someone?  Does this effort affect you emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually? What are these "nudges" telling you?  Clearing a relationship issue usually entails one or more of three actions: expressing the truth about something, feeling and accepting an emotion, or facing into a broken agreement. Taking these actions ignites a shift in perception and directly impacts your relationships for the benefit of all.


In your career, as you utilize your human capital, are you sustaining your position from a view of scarcity, necessity or obligation?  I'm not suggesting that working to feed the family and keep a home is not worthy, noble and necessary.  Money is tethered to survival in our culture.  But take this opportunity to reflect a little further. Is the career you studied for many years ago still a fire that burns in your belly or a longing you feel in your heart?  Was it ever?  There is no time like the present to look directly at your precious human energy and the way it is expressed.  Many people lead a life of multiple interests and careers, versus the one job - one company for life experience that previous generations took for granted. When you are utilizing your human capital from a clear and open place, every day is full of creative expression.


With longer summer days this month, open your portals to creativity by practicing completions.  Try using the free download under Be Inspired for additional support and motivation.


Enthusiastic and elegant endings,




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5-Minute TRY It
Clearing Clutter


1.  Minute one: Find an area in your environment that is cluttered (i.e. desk, car, drawer) that you want to organize. Select one area (pile or shelf) to clear. Check in with your body (thoughts, feelings and sensations) when you observe the clutter.


2.  Minute two: Get a trash can and two boxes (or other containers) Breathe and prepare to clear the clutter by doing one of three actions: put away, throw away, or give away. 


3.  Minute three: Quickly, no thought, take the first item from your clutter and determine if it is put, throw or give away.  Throw trash in the garbage, and place all other items into your boxes for 'put away'  or 'give away.'


4.  Minute four: Continue sorting, while breathing in as you pick up each item, and breathing out as you place the item in the appropriate container.   Appreciate yourself as you attend to each item. 


5.  Minute five: Label your piles (or boxes) with sticky notes that say "put" or "give away". If you have another five minutes, consider clearing another pile. Otherwise, mark a date on your calendar to attend to what remains.


6.  Complete your practice by appreciating the area you cleared and observing your body (thoughts, feelings and sensations). Notice the completion of your out-breath. Compare and contrast to your check-in in minute one.


Finish Your Finances

In financial planning, there are basic practical matters to complete for every individual, couple or family. These include: tax returns, an estate plan, insurance protection, an investment plan, and a cash flow plan.


Tax returns: Are your tax returns current and complete?  If not, make it a priority to take action to complete them. Retain tax papers in a simple file system so that your documents are in order and accessible for tax preparation at the beginning of each year.  Organizing and preparing early supports easeful tax preparation.


Estate Plan: Each person has an estate plan, whether it is intentional or not. An intentional estate plan is written and executed and will carry out your desires in the event of your demise. An unintentional estate plan is called an intestate estate. It means that you do not have a written will and in this situation, the state in which you reside will decide how your estate will be given to your heirs; the process will be more costly and time consuming as well.  A basic estate plan includes a will, durable power of attorney and health care proxy (living will in some states). If you do not have these documents written and executed, consider them a priority in the area of financial management.



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Be Moved

Growing up, my parents always said, "You will leave this world the same way 

you came into it: with nothing." It made me realize that the only things we do in this world that count are those things that make the world a better place 

for those who will come behind us. 


~ Tyrone B. Hayes, Biologist, herpetologist and National Geographic Explorer

Be Inspired

 life puzzle 


I have been running so sweaty my whole life -  

Urgent for a finish line -

And I have been missing the rapture this whole time of being forever incomplete


 Alanis Morrisette - "Incomplete"

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