May, 2012


 Naked Reality Versus Hope and Fear




Sunday morning, my beloved and I were strolling in the center of town. I noticed my mind going to the remainder of the day, the beginning of the week, the end of the week, circling the tasks that have been accumulating for me since my return from a five-day trip. The internal game going in my body-mind felt like one of my all-time favorite guffaw sayings: God put me on the earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind, I will never die. Then, I paused, let those future fears and hopes dissolve, and said, "I am here with you right now. This is the only reality." 


Before we departed for our walk, Rich had showed me the article that houses Henry Ford's quote below under Be Moved. I don't know much about Henry but several of his quotes meet me directly and I sense he was a straight shooter. I sense he lived in naked reality. Naked: no hiding.  Fully transparent to the current moment and holding presence. Reality: what is. Our incessant mind chatter, which typically leans toward hope or fear, is quiet. Silence and space allow for awareness to saturate each situation, arising without any debris. Of course, this is a practice. The mother of all practices.  At its heart are the hopes and fears created by our brilliant mind. With awareness, we see that we are not present in reality but moving, toward a future hope, or away from a future fear. 


About twenty years ago I heard a friend say, "I need 60 days in May." Promptly I adopted that statement; it provided a little salve to my hope and fear-filled life. Each passing year I held on to the phrase, secretly hoping it would come true or that the tasks in my life would drop or magically complete. Until I glanced at our calendar (3 birthdays, our anniversary, oldest daughter home from college, wisdom teeth surgery, son's Prom, son's performance in Romeo & Juliet, SAT's, ... and this is just a part of the family life, without business, professional, volunteer, community endeavors,) 60 days in May had been asleep. 


Today I am choosing to put this motto to bed for good. Not that I live without mind chatter, or future hope and fear. With practice, however, I see the future fear, or hope, and I am brought back to naked reality.  


Like life, money matters are riddled with hope and fear.  Have you ever wished for more money (another version of more days)?  "If only I had more money..."   

Through practice I see the parallels, and I bring that awareness to work with others around money. Given that we use money for security (future fear) and aspirations (future hope), the integration of money and naked reality is an art as much as a science.  We as individuals, and as a culture, are called to develop the ability to feel the naked reality of right now  - "I have everything I need" and saturate our awareness in this truth.  Thus we catalyze the best financial decision for now, and open the path for the next best decision.  It is alarming for many, even the experts, to realize that history (or past financial experiences) is more or less bunk. Those awake enough to recognize this truth dance with naked reality.


What's now/next? Ah, yes, wrapping a birthday present.


Facing reality,  (Nakedly :-) )


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5-Minute TRY It
In honor of 

everyone who has ever or will ever sit in a business meeting...


Minute one:  While seated at the table before the meeting begins, be aware of your entire felt sense of your body. Intensify your body awareness.


Minute two:  Pay attention to the soles of your feet touching the floor. Root down into the earth and draw earth's energy up through the bottom of your feet into your legs. 


Minute three:  Connect the energy arising in your legs to your buttocks. Rest your buttocks into gravity. 


Minute four:  Allowing gravity to ground your buttocks, lengthen your spine.  Allow your spine to spring up with ease. Open your chest. Stretch your neck to the sky. 


Minute five:  Feel the polarities of rooted power below and open presence above. Mind like the sky. Body like the ocean. Heart like the rays of the sun.


Complete your practice by continuing to hold your body awareness throughout the entire meeting. When you "lose" your body, find it again. Repeat. 
Conscious Cash Flow...
Is Your Money Going to What Matters Most?


This month we tap perhaps one of the most mysterious yet common financial matters for individuals, couples and families - young and old; the budget!  Reflecting on this popular topic, I offer that budgets fall on a continuum. From extremely rigid to spacious certainty, your budget style depends upon your unique money flow situation and your unique way of being with money. Before I delve into the nuances of Conscious Cash Flow and this continuum, I want to emphasize that budget is the same concept as these following terms: spending plan, cash flow statement, money allocation, values based spending, spending management; perhaps you know of others.  In the past ten years, some new words or phrases have developed to face the practice of budgeting...

Steps to 
Conscious Cash Flow
  1. Determine your fixed & variable expenses.
  2. Understand how you value each item in the above categories.
  3. Calculate the ratio of fixed to variable expenses.
  4. Look at your cash income:  how much is going to fixed expenses and how much remains for variable expenses?
  5. If you want to shift the proportion of fixed to variable expenses, identify expenditures that are candidates for change.
  6. Change your budget and create practices to support your capacity to sustain these changes. 

For much more on Conscious Cash Flow, please continue reading this article on my website. 



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History is more or less bunk. The only history that is worth a tinker's damn is the history we make today. 

~Henry Ford 


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