November, 2011


Attention, Attention, Attention




How do you interpret or receive those words? Is it, "here, here, listen to me"? Or, is it, "ah, attention, where am I placing my attention"? Recently I asked Katie Hendricks, a dear friend, mentor and co-creator, for a quote to include on my new website. She offered this clear, crisp and profound statement:

Attention is the currency of relationship.

I felt chills and melted when I received her offering; Katie embodies this way of being in all of her relationships. When one has a direct experience of the impact of attention, gratitude for this life - love, joy and compassion - multiplies to infinity.

Let's look at the richness of each word in her quote. Clearly the "attention" above is in the form of, 'where do I place my attention.' Attention is the practice of bringing our mind and heart completely to the present moment with precision, grace and intention. Currency is most commonly known as a medium of exchange, and it also means open acceptance, and the quality of being current. One gives open, accepting, current attention to relationship. Can you imagine? Relationship is the state of being related or interrelated and arises in every life situation. Typically we think of another being when referring to relationship. I do. At the same time, 'relationship' applies to relating in any form, even with money. No way! Yes way. All - ways. In addition to money, consider relationship with time, career, health, sex, food. I am feeling amazed at the potency and expansiveness of "Attention is the currency of relationship." Are you? Let's bring the richness back together in the form of a new commitment:

I bring my heart-mind completely, with open acceptance and precision, to every moment - interrelating in life - with others, myself, and the world.

The practices that facilitate embodiment of this commitment might include: concentration meditation, feeling body sensations and moving emotions, letting go of "knowing," staying curious, and expanding gratitude. Expanding gratitude during this month is a perfect practice; in the US, November houses Thanksgiving. Expanding the capacity to give and receive thanks (gratitude) is the "heart" fuel that supports developing attention. Consider the ways you can develop gratitude this month with new practices, such as: placing gratitude notes for yourself and others in your work and home environment, expressing gratitude as your first verbal expression of the day, or walking in nature with the eyes of gratitude for 10 minutes daily. See how these practices build your attention and tending to the currency of relationship.

In closing, I offer my deepest gratitude to Katie, for her boundless presence and unwavering commitment to the currency of relationship.

Paying attention to you,


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5-Minute TRY It


Gratitude From the Inside Out 


1.  Minute one:  Center your body and locate your feet. Begin to massage your feet with your hands and give gratitude. How have your feet served you? Keeping the answers in mind, attend to your feet with kindness and care.


2.  Minute two:  Now locate your hands. Give your hands attention any way that feels good to you, (e.g. gentle strokes, pressure points, prayer, clasped together). How have your hands served you? Give them appreciative attention.


3.  Minute three:  Locate your heart center and place your hands on your heart, left under the right. Feel the presence of love and gratitude moving from your hands into your heart. Notice your heart beat and with each beat presence gratitude for your life.


4.  Minute four:  Expand your gratitude from your hands, heart and feet to all areas of your body. How has your body served you? Notice the sensations in your body indicating your aliveness; picture a glowing light throughout your body and give appreciative attention to the entirety.


5.  Minute five:  Radiate the light, like the sun, from all parts of your body showering gratitude energy from the inside out.


6.  Complete your practice by continuing to radiate love and gratitude to others throughout your day.


Introducing the New

Please join me in celebrating the launch of my new website. Integrating my intention to have a positive impact on others and the world, you will access many new offerings in many forms - refreshed weekly.
Attention in Your Money Relationship

Paying attention to your money relationship, let's explore the potential areas in your life that are calling for your attention. Consider the following statements and answer true or false...


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Attention is the currency of relationship.


~ Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.


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