October, 2011


"You Are Not Going to Fall Off the Face of the Earth."




Those were words from my father during childhood when "all hell was breaking loose" - another one of his favorite sayings. Sometimes it does feel like all hell is breaking loose and it's good to know gravity keeps my body on the earth.  At least that is a start.  Right now, I AM living in a bit of individual chaos and while I intended to write a different article for you, I am deciding to go with "what is" and follow my intuition and inspiration.


What does individual chaos look like?  Here is a reasonable example:  our windows are rotting from improper installation and a workman is busy repairing the shoddy work on over forty windows.  He is here every day banging and reminding us of the myriad home maintenance problems.  Our 16 year old son is learning how to drive, has the worst case of warts this side of Montana that are rebelling treatment, and is a junior beginning the first phase of his college search.  The final income tax deadline is fast approaching; you may say, isn't that April 15th? No, actually, for those who choose to extend their filing, October 17th is the last day.  My revised professional website is now entering its 16th month for launching. These are a taste of my individual chaos.


Combine individual chaos with the collective chaos and one deeply feels the energy, movement, and perhaps resistance in the field.  Collective chaos also arises in many forms.  Certainly our financial markets are at the top - "Occupy Wall Street" movement most recently.  Steve Jobs, one of the most innovative and creative beings who shaped our evolution and the way we create and connect, died.  The political scene in Washington is fodder for an Oscar winning movie, if only the self-serving, narrow conversations and actions were not "really happening."  The confusion globally adds more to the collective chaos.  And if you tap into the cosmos, you can discern the increasing speed of change.


What's the remedy for chaos?  Two touchstones:  one, remembering you are not going to fall off the face of the earth and two, breathe, move and love (a gift from Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks!)  Breathing calms your nervous system so that you can access your inner stillness; moving opens the portals for possibilities and seeing chaos in a new way; love expands our heart and awareness to all other beings - we see and experience the unending connection that makes life a precious gift.


Feeling deeply, 


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5-Minute TRY It!
This Month's Article: "Gifts & Stewardship"
Be Moved...
Be Inspired...
5-Minute TRY It


Moved By Music: 

Breathe - Sway - Pause* 


Heads-Up ... this month's try-it may take you to the edge of comfort. And that is the point, isn't it!? Try it, experiment, practice - to your level of comfort or slight discomfort. Find your edge, then try-it.


1.  Minute one:  Breathe. While sitting, gently rock your pelvis forward and back and breathe through your nose. Feel the cool air enter your nostrils and flow down to your belly.


2.  Minute two:  Move. While standing, creatively move the joints in your body. Begin with your feet & legs, add wrists & arms, include shoulders and hips, end with neck and jaw. Try circles, figure 8's, pulsing, slow or fast.


3.  Minute three:  Express. Allow your body impulse to move you in new ways. Without thought, express body movement and sound. Allow words and/or sounds to arise and move through you. 


4.  Minute four:  Pause. Be still and listen to your body. Notice the sensations and energy flowing in your body. Relax into stillness.


5.  Minute five: Dance. Release any inhibition and groove your unique move... as in dance like no one is watching (or maybe everyone is watching!)


6.  Complete your practice by celebrating. Smile and recognize your life as a Gift that you are Stewarding.


*Attributed to my friend, Michael Deloughery, Ease N Flow Meditation. Click here for his 20 minute expanded version.


Bonus: Try this with and without music. Notice the difference and how music moves you.

Gifts and Stewardship, 
how do they relate?

"It is ironic indeed that money, originally a means of connecting gifts with needs, originally an outgrowth of a sacred gift economy, is now precisely what blocks the blossoming of our desire to give, keeping us in deadening jobs out of economic necessity and forestalling our most generous impulses."   Sacred Economics: Money, Gift and Society in the Age of Transition by Charles Eisenstein


I could have chosen any one of many quotes written about "sacred economics" from the referenced author and book above. Another, "the original purpose of money was simply to connect human gifts with human needs, so we might live in greater abundance" offers a clear human (could be sacred) purpose for money.  

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Be Moved


Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. 


~ Steve Jobs, 1955-2011


Be Inspired
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Listen to: 

Give it Away 

by Quincy Coleman


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  by Kathlyn Hendricks


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