October 10, 2019
Monica Society
News & Reminders
EVERY parent or caregiver of EVERY student is a MEMBER! We have the privilege of coming alongside our school.....helping it achieve the vision of quality, Christ-centered education for our covenant children.
The fall deadline for sending in clipped box tops is quickly approaching! Get them to school soon so they can be counted and sent to be turned into cash for our school. And remember, if you haven't yet downloaded the new app, do it now! It's quick and easy; check out how here: www.boxtops4education.com or search on the app store for Box Tops for Education. If you've already done this, thank you and keep scanning. You'll be surprised at what counts towards our school and all the bonus cash they offer!
Monica Cookie Walk Buyout Option
The Cookie Walk is scheduled for Dec. 6 & 7 this year and each family will contribute 8 dozen cookies. The Cookie Walk Committee is offering the option to ‘buy-out’ of baking the 8 dozen cookies for those who are interested. 
  • The ’Buy-out’ cost is $175. 
  • If your work group is scheduled to work, you WILL need to work your shift at the Cookie Walk
  • The ’Buy-out’ form is attached to this email. You can turn in the form and payment to the office by Oct. 18, 2019.
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