February 20, 2020
Monica Society
News & Reminders
EVERY parent or caregiver of EVERY student is a MEMBER! We have the privilege of coming alongside our school.....helping it achieve the vision of quality, Christ-centered education for our covenant children.
Committee Co-Chairs for 2020-2021
In the upcoming months, the board will be determining new co-chairs for the committees in 2020-2021. If you would like to volunteer to be a co-chair, please contact Erin Emmelkamp at ( bekamp@ymail.com ). Committees include cookie walk, soup supper, Tulip Festival soup/tavern, Tulip Festival pigs, Tulip Festival tent, Tulip Festival Straatmarket, apparel, kitchen, BoxTops, school supplies, grade level coordinator/staff appreciation Christmas project administrator, or Monica board.
Tyson Labels
The Tyson A+ Labels program has been discontinued. They will continue to honor these labels if you have them, so please continue to submit labels as you have in the past.
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