June 25, 2020
Monica Society
News & Reminders
EVERY parent or caregiver of EVERY student is a MEMBER! We have the privilege of coming alongside our school.....helping it achieve the vision of quality, Christ-centered education for our covenant children.
Monica Changes
The Monica board has reviewed the survey feedback, and as a result, we have made two decisions.
First, we have decided to take a break from Cookie Walk for this year and reevaluate in the spring. This decision is due to two factors: 1) Iowa State Bank is no longer available due to remodeling in its basement, so the location for Cookie Walk is unknown and 2) the probable restrictions that may be put in place due to COVID-19.
Because of this change, we have discussed other possible fundraisers and have decided to pursue a fall frozen pigs fundraiser to offset funds that would have been raised at the Cookie Walk. We do not have a date officially set, but we are thinking sometime in October for this fundraiser. The Monica board will be working on how sales will be done, how to determine how many will be made, etc.
The second decision that has been made is in regard to pop can and bottle redemption. Monica will no longer be in charge of the trailer. Anyone can now bring bags and boxes directly to Orange City Redemption Center. These will need to be labeled with “OCCS” clearly for credit to be given to OCCS (see more details below). The school board will still provide a trailer at school to drop off cans and bottles as long as we can get volunteers to sign up to sort them and bring them to the Redemption Center. This will not be mandatory and we are asking for willing helpers to keep this valuable service going. Grandparents and friends can sign up to help also. Here is the link:   https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090949acaf2baaf85-popcan
Thank you very much for your commitment to OCCS and serving alongside other parents as we build community together.
Pop Can Information
If you choose to bring your cans and bottles directly to the redemption center, please follow these  guidelines and instructions  to ensure Monica receives credit and limits deductions for non-redeemable items.

Orange City Redemption Center has agreed to accept appropriately sorted bags and boxes labeled “OCCS” and credit OCCS accordingly.  
Appropriate sorting means:
  • NOT REDEEMABLE (if not taken out we will have $$ deducted from our checks)
  • milk jugs
  • water bottles
  • Gatorade/Powerade bottles
  • Other non-redeemable plastic, aluminum or glass containers
  • GLASS   
  • Must be put into separate boxes. 
  • Glass bottles need to be standing up in the boxes and not laying down. 
  • Plastics and cans must be in separate bags.
  • Be sure all non-redeemable items are removed. 
***please bring in clean IA 5 cent aluminum, plastic, or glass containers***

Please clearly label each bag and box with “OCCS”.  
Bring them directly to: 
Orange City Redemption Center 
602 14th St SE
Orange City, IA 51041
(712) 395-1970 Tonya Venema

The hours at the Orange City Can Redemption Center (as of June 2020) are as follows:
Monday - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Wednesday - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm & 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Friday - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
https://www.facebook.com/groups/749920311795954   - check Orange City Redemption Center’s Facebook page before going for unforeseen daily closures or change in open hours. Tonya Venema updates that page regularly.
Orange City Christian School | 712-737-2274 | 712-737-8608 | www.orangecitychristian.net