September 10, 2020
Monica Society
News & Reminders
EVERY parent or caregiver of EVERY student is a MEMBER! We have the privilege of coming alongside our school.....helping it achieve the vision of quality, Christ-centered education for our covenant children.
Welcome to Monica
We hope that you and your families are in the swing of school again! We have enjoyed seeing the building buzzing with the students and pray for God's provision in allowing the school year to continue in the building as a community and family of OCCS. 
We would like to update you on two Monica items as we together continue to support our school well:
1. We are no longer going to be having the fall dessert social. This comes as a result of concern for the amount of evenings we are called away from our families. Moving forward we plan to integrate the community building aspect of the dessert social night into other events that are already scheduled. The meeting aspect of the dessert social will take place as part of the Fall Society meeting. 
2. The Fall Society meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 21 at 7:00 p.m. at OCCS. At that meeting, the Monica board will be presenting the financials and other past year information. We will also be presenting a proposed new name, new mission and vision, and updated bylaws and constitution that have been approved by both the Monica board and the OCCS board. Those in attendance will be voting on those changes. No absentee ballots will be allowed as requested by the OCCS board. Details on the proposed changes will be coming soon!
We look forward to seeing many of you on the 21st as we share the proposed changes that come as a direct result of your valuable input we received from the survey given last year. 
The Monica Board
The Monica board has decided to take a break from Cookie Walk for this year and reevaluate in the spring. This decision is due to two factors: 1) Iowa State Bank is no longer available due to remodeling in its basement, so the location for Cookie Walk is unknown and 2) the probable restrictions that may be put in place due to COVID-19.

Because of this change, we have decided to do a fall frozen pig-in-the-blanket fundraiser to offset funds that would have been raised at the Cookie Walk. 
On September 1, we will begin taking orders through September 15. Order forms will be found on the school website, Facebook, and also paper forms on table outside the school office. We will be making the pig-in-blankets in the school gym on September 28 at 6:30 & September 29 at 5:30. Please save these dates. The pig making will be just like the spring. We are asking if your last name begins with A-N that you come on the 28 and O-Z come on the 29. If you are unable to work the night you are scheduled you may switch with someone from the other night. On September 30, the pig-in-blankets will be available for pick up from 6:00-8:00pm.
Fall Pig Committee: Vicki Schrock, Kim Vande Zande, Stephanie Klemme, Kari Bousema, Jenn Mills, Sarah Altemeier, & Kristin Van Maanen
Monica Board Advisor: Rebecca Huizenga & Erin Driesen
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