April 16, 2020
Monica Society
News & Reminders
EVERY parent or caregiver of EVERY student is a MEMBER! We have the privilege of coming alongside our school.....helping it achieve the vision of quality, Christ-centered education for our covenant children.
Monica - 100 years and counting!
Greetings! On behalf of Monica, we want to reach out to you with the intent of gathering your input and insight! Next year, Monica will be celebrating 100 years of partnership with OCCS. We are excited when we look back and see how we have been able to work along side the school in various ways: through prayer, creating community among the families, and helping with raising some funds. As we currently look at how Monica is involved now, we desire to have a future focus. We want this group to be around for the next 100 years continuing to support and impact OCCS in positive ways. In an effort to “Spring Clean” certain areas of the overall program, we desire your input. We celebrate that we have a strong family group and desire to make it stronger. If you take a moment and fill out the survey linked below, it would be greatly appreciated. 
Again, thank you for the many ways that you give of your time, talent, and treasure for creating space for OCCS to impact our kids!
Monica Board
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