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AgOtter is a control system that calibrates and provides data logging and real-time tracking for assets such as sprayers and harvesters. AgOtter is portable, allowing it to be swapped between assets depending on the season. AgOtter uses an App as the interface to its controllers so you can setup, watch, control and track all assets through an iPhone or iPad. 

AgOtter is designed and manufactured in Tempe, AZ. For a full list of AgOtter partners, check out our website at .
AgOtter's Partner Of The Month: Agrian
We are proud of our significant agricultural partnerships in the spraying business. Since its inception in 2014, AgOtter has been building a network of partners, distributors, installers and technicians to support its agricultural customer base, specifically in California and throughout the West Coast.
From a family farm in Iowa to an agribusiness conglomerate, Agrian helps farmers and those who serve them demystify the complexities of modern farming, arming ag’s decision makers with the information they need, through Agrian's innovative, easy-to-use data and information-sharing solutions.

Nick Morrow, Agrian's director of product strategy, says this is just the latest example of Agrian partnering with other ag tech companies to create a seamless field-to-cloud experience. “We know that different users have varying data collection needs, so by working with many different manufacturers, we can integrate the technologies that fit best within a user’s operation.”
"Agrian has been particularly impressed with the ability of AgOtter to offer uninterrupted service under tree canopies,” said Nish Majarian, co-founder and CEO of Agrian. “This is due to AgOtter’s patent-pending technology that combines inertial and magnetic sensors with GPS/GNSS; the technology allows uninterrupted logging, mapping and flow control even if the satellite signal is lost.”

Read more about how Agrian and AgOtter works together. To learn more how to use Agrian, please email us at .
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AgOtter now works directly with Agrisync to provide you instant support.
Need help, we have a new support number through Agricync. Text us for support. 559-206-0733
AgHippo Live
Monitor, Track and Analyze Live and Historic Data
AgHippo Live was created by Insero for the agricultural industry. AgHippo Live gives you the control to monitor and track live and historical application or yield data. Simply view a coverage map or analyze data from a wide range of assets, AgHippo stores your data for quick and easy access to detailed spray reports of what happened when you need it. And for real-time tracking, AgHippo allows the user to watch a range of internet-connected devices.
Don't have time to go online and analyze the data? AgHippo Live can send you daily email reports from the last 24 hours.
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We'll be joining our friends from Ag Spray Equipment at the 7th Annual Salinas Valley Agricultural Technology Summit at Hartnell College in Salinas, CA. If you are in the area and want to meet up to learn more about AgOtter or any Insero products, email .
AgOtter on the road.
The AgOtter team was recently at the 2020 World Ag Expo. It was a great time of meeting new people and seeing old friends. We had lots of people come out to learn more about how AgOtter can track and control their sprayers.
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