MonitEM - Continuous measurement of electromagnetic fields
A permanent monitoring system that allows on-going scrutiny of the emission levels of any source of electromagnetic radiation (mobile telephone antennas, WiFi, high-voltage power lines, etc.) and verification that they meet the safety standards established by the competent authorities and regulations in each country.

The measurements taken can be published via the Internet to the different stakeholder communities.
MONITEM Applications. Measurement of EMF radiation in:
CONTINUOUS MONITORING (24/365) of electromagnetic fields in specific locations (cities, schools, hospitals, etc.).
BROADBAND MEASUREMENT that allows economies of scale in deployment of monitoring networks to cover large areas.
CONTROL CENTRE with web interface for remote management of monitoring stations and display of electromagnetic field levels on any computer with Internet connection.
EASY TO INSTALL anywhere. Autonomy ensured by solar power supply and wireless communication.
RESISTANT TO HARSH WEATHER CONDITIONS thanks to IP66 protective casing, making it resistant to heavy rainfall, high temperatures, dust, etc.
COMPLIES WITH ITU-T K.83 RECOMMENDATION which specifies standards for implementation of networks for continuous measurement of electromagnetic emissions.
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