NMTaxTalk Community
NMSCPA Members, 

We are aware that Treasury Secretary Mnuchin announced today a series of tax relief measures designed to assist taxpayers and tax preparers during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The NMSCPA has been in contact with Members of Congress and has been working closely with the AICPA to stress to the Treasury and the IRS how important it is that they immediately release specific details on pending tax filing and payment relief. We are currently confirming the specifics of these actions with the Dept. of Treasury and IRS and will update you as soon as we have official guidance from the IRS. Additionally, we have been in contact with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department and we will release information as it is available. In the meantime, please note that there is active discussion on this subject and many other subjects in the NMTaxTalk group. Read below for information on the NMTaxTalk Group and how to join. 

About NMTax Talk from Larry Hess, CPA:
There is an active conversation going on between members of NMTaxTalk about the effects of the crisis on how our colleages are dealing with the effects on our practices. This is a great opportunity to learn about others' experiences and thoughts and contribute yours.

In case you're not familiar with NMTaxTalk, it is a Google Group set up for tax practitioners to have a space to engage in topics of mutual interest and benefit from other CPAs’ expertise and experiences in dealing with problems. 

You can request an invitation to join by sending me an email. Here is some basic information about reading and posting messages.

There are two ways you can read and post messages, create new topics & reply to existing ones.
  1. Log in in to the group at https://groups.google.com/. If you don't go directly to the group and have a Google Groups account, you should see this screen. Click on "My Group".
  2. Send emails to nmtaxtalk@google.groups.com. If you choose to participate this way, you can create an archive in your e-mail software. For example, create a rule in Outlook to send NMTaxTalk emails to a folder or create a filter in Gmail to apply a NMTaxTalk label.

Some members may choose to register with NMTaxTalk using a business e-mail or other non-Gmail address and may not be able to go to log in. If that's you, you will need a Google account (but not a Gmail one).