July 2019
Monitoring for Changing Patient Conditions and a fond farewell to our beloved

This month we have two feature articles, our first is on the C&A family as we Celebrate Marty Piepoli, our longtime friend and colleague  as he begins his retirement. Many of you have met Marty during his 13 years of consulting and we are certain share our wishes for a wonderful retirement.  Our second article focuses on Changes in Patient Condition and highlights the Provision of Care Standards related to assessment and reassessments.

We wish you a fantastic summer and hope you enjoy this months newsletter.
Marty Piepoli Retires!   

Marty joined us in 2005 as an Associate Consultant
with a background in Social Work and Survey  
Coordination. With his great sense of humor and gift  
of gab, Marty warmed our hearts from the onset.  
He was always willing to step up when new initiatives  
arose, and he would be the first to volunteer for an
unexpected assignment.

It wasn't long before Marty had earned the respect of many a client and became a regularly requested consultant.  
His knowledge and contacts, whether CMS or TJC, quickly escalated his rise to Certification in Health Facilities Management and the "go to person" for many of our consultants and clients. Marty has maintained the respect of his peers and has gathered many friends along the way. His kind and gracious manner has endeared him to many who continue to seek him out. We wish Marty continued success in his personal and professional endeavors in the future, as well as a restful and happy retirement. 

Monitoring for Changing Patient Conditions

 It's not hard to understand the issue that
adverse changes in patient condition are
a major cause of poor patient outcomes.  
With increasing patient acuity levels,  
the push to discharge patients more rapidly, and the shortages of nursing staff make it  
challenging to provide high-quality care at the bedside. Failure to recognize changes in a patient's condition until major complications, including death, have occurred has to be addressed at the bedside and across the nation. 

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Sharing Knowledge-the C&A Way

What an exciting spring season here at Courtemanche & Associates
If you attended the May Elevate 2019 Conference sponsored by Intalere in Denver Colorado, we are hoping that you had the opportunity to listen to one of the newest members of the consulting team here at C&A. James Ballard presented "Appetite for Destruction- Addressing Top Issues with Effective Risk Assessments". His presentation was well attended and well-received. To learn more about James, click here,  
As the timeline for the final publication of the USP Chapter 797 revisions draws closer, Pat Cook, R.Ph, Senior Consultant at C&A provided a full day conference sponsored by the Maryland Health Education Institute on May 16, 2019 at the MHEI Headquarters in Elkridge, Maryland. The conference entitled "USP 797 and TJC Medication Management Standards" was attended by Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Nurses in addition to other various healthcare leaders.

Have a group that you are organizing a learning event for?  
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