March 10 - April 28, 2013
Opening Reception March 10, 2013, 4 - 6 pm  

From Plate to Paper: The Art of Printmaking exhibition in the
Museum's Main Gallery will feature works in a variety of media that demonstrate
both traditional and alternative printmaking techniques.
Juror - Bruce Waldman.
Artworks pictured above by artists in The Art of Printmaking exhibition:
(top row, left to right) Kirsten Flaherty -
The Crowned Eagle;
Robert W. Pillsbury - Estuary Reflection;
Dominick Rapone - Eternal Sleep; Lior Zaltzman - Imagination; (second row left to right) Anne Dushanko Dobek -

Parallel Migrations VII; Rachel Burgess - The Sound; Luda Pahl - Mozart & Salieri; (third row left to right) Evan Summer - Dream House; Fumiha Tanaka - Swamp; Chloe Hye Yong Chung - Fish; (fourth row left to right)  

Robin Koss - In the Labyrinth of Rising Water (Dorsoduro); Yuji Hiratsuka - Beet Meets Meat.


(All artworks in the exhibition will be featured in a selection included in the Museum's weekly email announcements)

From Plate to Paper: The Art of Printmaking includes works by the following artists:
(Artist and Title of Work)

Marc Aquino-Michaels - "Rime"

Natalya Balnova - "Dream"

Shannon Broder - "Oh baby, no baby 4"

Rachel Burgess - "The Sound"

Nadine Butterfield - "Twisted"

Naomi Butterfield - "Jinju"

Alexa Cassaro - "Saint Apollonia"

Joan Chiverton - "Tangerine as a Man"

Hayelin Choi - "Circus Lion"

Haeree Choi - "Untitled"
Chloe Hye Yong Chung - "Fish"
Kris Corso Tolmie - "Borderline"
Pat Cresson - "Birds: Illuminated Manuscript Page"
Michael Di Cerbo - "#73618 Skyward"
Donna Diamond - "Clay and Smoke"
Ma´┐Żlle Doliveux - "The Youth of the Lion Tamer"
Chris Dunnett - "Untitled" 
Anne Dushanko Dobek - "Parallel Migrations VII"
Jensine Eckwall - "The Dog Watcher"
Dillon Edelhauser - "Henri"
Sabrina Elliott - "Coriolis"
Matthew Ellis - "Craig"
Kjersti Faret - "Death of a Parent"
Kirsten Flaherty - "The Crowned Eagle"
Ariel Fleming - "Tiger"
Rochelle Fox - "Under the Bodhi Tree"
Mitchell Goldberg - "Mirror Magic"
Elana Goren - "Through Humans' Scope"
Elissa Gould - "What a Doll"
Joseph Gyurcsak - "Nude Study 1"
Karla Hackenmiller - "Liminal Assemblage"
Rie Hasegawa - "The Steps of Thorns"
Marissa A. Havers - "India Market"
Martha Hayden - "Coffee Stains"
Beverly Hertler - "Mangrove"
Yuji Hiratsuka - "Beet Meets Meat"
Diana Ho - "Survivor's Guilt"
Andy Hoogenboom - "Horsemen of the Parthenon 1"
Risa Horiuchi - "Meeting"
Katie Gyoungwon Hwang - "Mr. Nobody at all"
Max Kahan - "and return again"
Kevin C. Kall - "Figure 125"
Raeleen Kao - "Perfect Grave (II)"
Yuriko Katori - "Lovers"
Carolyn Kim - "Untitled"
Maxine King - "In His Hands"
Robin Koss - "In the Labyrinth of Rising Water (Dorsoduro)
Mariko Kuzumi - "Resting"
Elizabeth Langer - "Juan"

Soo In "Ryn" Lim - "Flower"
Luanda Lozano - "My slingshot"
Sakura Maku - "Hardy Supple 1"
Moira McCaul - "Untitled"
Kevin McCloskey - "St. Patrick Driving the Elephants out of Ireland"
Linda Mead - "The Falling Sky"
Soon Ee Ngoh - "All Our Regrets"
Luda Pahl - "Mozart & Salieri"
Robert W. Pillsbury - "Estuary Reflection"
Dominick Rapone - "Eternal Sleep"
Rosalyn Richards - "Fractured"
Gabriel L. Romeu - "Apologue triptych 3d"
Alexandra Rutsch Brock - "Across the Ocean"
Nu Ryu - "Owl"
Tara Sabharwal - "Night rain"
Phil Sanders - "Frontier - Bars"
Sara Sanders - "Untitled (Chair #3)"
Brett Schieszer - "The Abstract and the Actual II"
Tania Sen - "Migration - II"
Craig Shannon - "Maelstrom"
Moonsub Shin - "Geoffrey's Mask"
Evan Summer - "Dream House"
Beth Sutherland - "Dead End"
Fumiha Tanaka - "Swamp"
Mary Teichman - "Ryder House, Truro (after Hopper)"
Francia Tobacman - "Organic Forms"
Patricia J. Wynne - "Crow Flight #3"
Charles Yoder - "Tree Rings"
Lior Zaltzman - "Imagination"
Tricia Zimic - "Indigo Descent"


Through April 21, 2013
Opening Reception March 10, 2013, 4 - 6 pm 


Monoprints and etchings by Bruce Waldman are featured in this exhibition in the Museum's
Nilson Gallery. Waldman is a printmaker, graphic artist and illustrator, and has been teaching
at the School of
Visual Arts in New York City for more than 25 years.  
He is a member of the Board of Governors of the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
 and a Director of the New York Society of Etchers.
Artworks by Bruce Waldman pictured above: (left) Jazz Musicians #18, and (right) At the Finish Line.
34th Annual Juried Art Exhibition
Through March 3, 2013


 This exhibition in the Museum's Main Gallery features over 70 works in a variety
of genres and media by artists from across the country. 

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