You can rely on Monoco’s experienced technicians for they have developed expert skills in working with Arborite.

Monoco Inc. specializes in thermal and electrical insulation materials as well as mechanical wear-resistant materials.

Employing a lab bench top and lab table top that is capable of holding up under harsh and extreme conditions that technicians apply to them is a must-have for your facility and the safety of employees. Arborite is the ideal choice for all lab bench top and lab table top needs. Features of an Arborite lab bench or tabletop: lightweight, yet provide a hard surface, durable and highly chemical resistant. Additionally, they provide oil and moisture resistance and do not support the growth of most bacteria and fungus.
Monoco established it’s business in 1965 and since has built their reputation as a preferred electrical insulation materials supplier, distributor, and fabricator of non-metallic, heat and electrical insulation products. They use protective materials that are heat, fire, high temperatures, mechanical wear, and chemicals. Monoco carries a vast inventory of products for customers who require a timely turn-around on in-stock sheets and small cut-to-size orders.
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