We are very excited to have Florence on board in this capacity to add additional assistance to the Monroe County Link Plan Action Team! The individuals on these teams are dedicated to supporting this endeavor but still hold important positions within Monroe County that keep them very busy. Florence will add a layer of support and guidance that each team needs and deserves.

Florence stated, "I am very excited to be working directly with and supporting the Link Plan Pillar Captains and their committees. It is a great opportunity to contribute to the overall success of the project and work alongside the passionate staff and county-wide volunteers whose efforts have made it successful thus far."

Here is a short synopsis of some of the Pillar Teams' efforts for 2019:
  • Prepare for Investment is working on creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for local municipalities with a focus on growth as they give presentations to municipalities and boards, continue outreach to stakeholders, and research/develop sites to present
  • Enhance the Local Image & Brand is focusing on creating a marketing strategy for the entire county while still keeping each municipalities' uniqueness in focus while implementing highway beautification efforts
  • Improve Workforce Development & Education is focused on linking the business community to education with their talent needs in mind; a new CTE Director has been hired that will help in growing programs in our schools that meet the workforce requirements of our community, and are working on their next submission of the MI Marshall Plan for Talent
  • Grow Strategically & Grow Monroe As A Logistics Gateway pillars are focused on the foreign trade zone with the objective of understanding the business implications and how they impact taxes and tariffs to the advantage of current or future businesses in our county, and are working in unison with the Prepare for Investment Pillar on obtaining approval for the final MOU
  • Improve the Quality of Life & Strengthen Tourism Opportunities is working on continuing their efforts at the Battlefield and Corridor East Plan, providing improved signage and wayfinding, and working with Tourism Bureau to market strengths and opportunities throughout the county
Details on the first year accomplishments are available on the website or by following this link: Monroe County Link 2018 Year-End Report.