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Monster Moose in Strong 2019 Hunt


Moose Hunt


Moose HuntingIt has been just four days but the 2019 CSAH moose hunt is off to a strong start including an incredible 65.25" Canadian moose taken by CSAH hunter Bill Eurice. Bill was guided by Master guide Dave Lower and got this beauty on the fourth day of the hunt. We are only part way thru the first week , with nine moose down, and most in the 50" range. The animals have responded well to the call and there have also been several Moose Huntingopportunities not converted, including another bull estimated at over 60". The first week was interrupted by a nasty low weather system that bulled its way through the North but CSAH guides and hunters are now back at it! We have been opening some new areas in 2019 and they have been very productive. We are hoping 2019 will shape up to being one of our best seasons ever.



2020 Moose Hunts Still Available

Moose HuntingThere are limited 2020 Moose hunts still available but book soon because these spot are going fast. The CSAH moose hunt is one of North America's finest, with our exclusive 5,500,000 acre area and numerous lakes and rivers we have just begun to explore.

In 2019 we opened some new, never-before-hunted areas and will continue that in 2020. If you are looking for a prime area, for a big Moose HuntingCanadian bull moose, this is the hunt for you. Our average spread is 54", almost every year we take bulls over 60" and our largest was a monster 66" that scored high in B & C. It will be interesting to see how the 2019 65.25" ends up in B & C scoring.

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Give us a call or email if you are interested in any of these openings.





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