April 15, 2019
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April 15-19 Ability Acceptance Week
April 18 Middle School Math Readiness Test 3:00PM in MPR
April 22-26 5th grade Outdoor School
I love so many things about Montair School. We have an amazing staff, supportive parents, and great kids. While those things make coming to work every day a joy, they are not what make Montair so special. I strongly believe we are the community we are because we believe ALL of our KIDS are ALL of OUR KIDS. We work hard to ensure that no matter which class you attend or what special supports you may need, you are a Roadrunner. Our general education and special education teachers collaborate daily, identifying activities and experiences that can bring all of our students together. While many communities celebrate Ability Awareness Week, we have moved on to Abilities Acceptance Week at Montair. All of our kids work to accept and embrace how unique we all are and this is a great week to celebrate those unique qualities.

This week, our students will be participating in activities that explore and highlight many of the different learning styles that make up our community. Children may get to try to read braille. They may experience different sensory stimulations and try completing tasks with obstacles to overcome. This week is a way to continue the conversation around acceptance, and inclusion, while building empathy. All of these experiences go beautifully with our study of Positivity this month as our Character Trait for April.

Here is the link to last week’s   MT TV announcements.  

Here’s to another great week of learning together!

Ondi Tricaso

Our MT webpage has many resources to help parents keep up with all that is going on at Montair. In order to streamline access to the calendar that is linked to our webpage, parents can add out google calendar to their phones by clicking on this link.
Final days to donate!   Roadrunners, please continue to bring in your donations for the Wheelchair Foundation. Donation canisters are located in each classroom.  


REMEMBER,  just $150, builds and delivers a brand new wheelchair to someone in need.
Our Roadrunners have the opportunity to make a huge difference in an individual's life.  

SUPPORT the Wheelchair Foundation and bring MOBILITY, FREEDOM, DIGNITY, HOPE

F undraising ends this WEDNESDAY, April 17th

For more information or to make donations please visit
A HUGE THANK YOU to our hospitality committee: Janet Rega, Tiffany Andrade, and Nathalie Lindsey! Your time and talents to put on wonderful luncheons for our teachers as well as breakfast for our Breakfast Book Club is SO appreciated! You guys are the best!!
THANKS A MILLION to Angela Frankel, our sister school rep.  She coordinated a very successful Sister School toy drive in the winter and just wrapped up a wonderful Book Drive where the students of Mission Elementary received boxes of new and gently used books!  The students of our sister school also gifted Montair painted kindness rocks for our gardens on campus. Go check them out! Thank you Angela and thank you Montair Community for your generous donations!
The leadership students from Mission Elementary visited Montair last week, and brought with them hand painted rocks to brighten our campus! These beautiful gifts can be found in the garden area across from the library. The students were thrilled to get to take 5 boxes of new books back with them to their school. Thank you so much for your generous donations!  

Wednesday April 17th, 7-8:30pm at Iron Horse Middle School Multi-Purpose Room

We hear a lot about Mindfulness but what is it and how do we do it?

Mindfulness:  With self-directed intent, settling the mind so that our brain and body can be available to be non-reactionary, kind, and thoughtful in response to an exciting or nerve-wracking moment. To get closer and closer to non-reactionary, we also need to practice watching our judgments.

The goal of this workshop is to give everyone sitting in the session the felt sense of mindfulness practice. We will practice some which will allow parents to get an idea of what a sitting would feel like to develop more mindfulness than they have now.
This FREE workshop will help parents start to begin this practice and participants will walk out with ideas to use this practice at home with their families with "cheat sheets" and other helpful ideas. 

SRVEF Summer Enrichment - $35 Savings Ends May 1st!
Robotics • Chemistry • Programming • Bionics • Roblox • 3D Printing • Rocketry • Bio-Tech

The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation’s Summer Imagineering STEAM Enrichment Program will be held at Gale Ranch Middle School starting June 10 th,  2019. Weekly classes run Monday through Friday. Morning and afternoon sessions available! To learn more about this program for students entering 4 th -8 th  grade Fall 2019, visit our website. ( www.bit.ly/summer_imagineering  )  Only one more month to save $35!!
STRESS: What is Good, What is Bad & How You Can Help Your Child Cope  Dr. Rebecca E. Eberlin, PhD
Saturday, May 4, 2019
California High School Theater 
8:30am - 11am 
(continental breakfast included with $15 registration if registering before 5/2)
How stressed are your kids and your family?
Children and adults alike are pushing themselves to be better, stronger, smarter. As a result, we're seeing an increase in anxiety and other mental health issues. But stress isn't always bad; it can be good and in fact necessary. The reality is that too much or too little stress decreases competence and affects physical and mental health. 

Join us as Dr. Rebecca Eberlin addresses what stress is, how people experience it differently and how to determin e the healthiest level of stress for you, your children and your family. Dr. Eberlin will give strategies for reducing stress when necessary, helping your child navigate stressful situations, and knowing when to step in and when to step away.  

Helping Behaviorally Challenging Students and While You’re At It, All the Others
Ross Greene's book
Dr. Ross Greene wrote the book, Lost and Found to address how we can all work together to address challenging student behavior. The mission is to understand and help behaviorally challenging students in ways that are non-punitive, non-adversarial, skill building, relationship enhancing, collaborative, proactive, and most important helpful. Come join us as we learn together with Liz Angoff, Ph.D., Licensed Educational Psychologist and School Neuropsychologist!

Thursday, May 9, 2019, 4:00-5:00pm
Cal High Theater, 9870 Broadmoor Drive, San Ramon, CA
About this topic, "Parenting is a tough gig. Being a kid isn’t always a walk in the park either. And things can get intense between parents and kids, especially when kids don’t meet parents’ expectations. How to resolve those incompatibilities can point parents and kids toward conflict or collaboration.” - from Elevate Your Parenting Facebook group page, created by Lives in the Balance, non-profit organization associated with Raising Human Beings , Ross Greene’s book for all parents
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