May 6, 2019
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May 8
  • 7:30am Spring Run Club
  • 8:30am Foundation Meeting
  • 6:30pm District Strings Festival SRVHS
May 9 5th grade play (Scott/Christman acting, Perrings singing)
May 10 5th grade play (Perrings acting, Scott/Christman singing)
Last Friday, we finished our study of Positivity as our Character Trait of the Month for April. This study was interesting because so many of our Character Traits of the Months focus on actions. We need to be Kind, Respectful, Inclusive, Honest and so on. With Positivity, the focus is on attitude. As we read the book, Come With Me , by Holly McGhee, I challenged the kids to what we called the 5 by 5 challenge. I asked them at the end of each day, to name 5 things that they noticed that are good in the world. On the other hand, they were to think about 5 things they did personally to make the world a better a place. We discussed that focusing on the good and being the good are at the heart of positivity.  Ask your kiddos how this went? Did they sleep better and have better days by focusing on the good instead of focusing on what went wrong?

To cap of our study of Positivity, our 1-5th graders got to watch a video about Jake Javier , the former Montair student who demonstrates a positive attitude in spite of great adversity. We all left inspired.

Here’s to another great week learning together,

Ondi Tricaso
New 5K Course Start - This year, we will be starting and ending adjacent to the beautiful new City Center Bishop Ranch in San Ramon (BR2700).   

All 5K participants are Timed - Every 5K participant will receive their time, for the same low price. You don't need to decide if you want to upgrade from 5K Fun to 5K Timed. You'll receive your official 5K Time. You don't need to look at your time if you don't want to and we won't tell anybody. We promise! 5K registration receives a long sleeve cotton T-Shirt. (Quantities limited).

10K Course - Same starting location as last year - Charlotte Wood Middle School in Danville. Pick up the bus at BR2700 instead of Iron Horse Middle School. The race ends adjacent to City Center Bishop Ranch in San Ramon. 10K registration includes a high-quality tech shirt. (Quantities limited).

Mini Run and Friendship Runs - Join us for these popular events on Saturday happening in conjunction with our Health & Wellness Expo. 

New 5K and 10K Courses are USATF Certified!

Shirts and Medals - First 500 10K and first 5,000 5K participants will receive a commemorative medal.       

Lots of Free Parking!

Looking forward to seeing you at the 2019 Run for Education!  Register Now!
Helping Behaviorally Challenging Students and While You’re At It, All the Others
Ross Greene's book
Dr. Ross Greene wrote the book, Lost and Found to address how we can all work together to address challenging student behavior. The mission is to understand and help behaviorally challenging students in ways that are non-punitive, non-adversarial, skill building, relationship enhancing, collaborative, proactive, and most important helpful. Come join us as we learn together with Liz Angoff, Ph.D., Licensed Educational Psychologist and School Neuropsychologist!

Thursday, May 9, 2019, 4:00-5:00pm
Cal High Theater, 9870 Broadmoor Drive, San Ramon, CA
About this topic, "Parenting is a tough gig. Being a kid isn’t always a walk in the park either. And things can get intense between parents and kids, especially when kids don’t meet parents’ expectations. How to resolve those incompatibilities can point parents and kids toward conflict or collaboration.” - from Elevate Your Parenting Facebook group page, created by Lives in the Balance, non-profit organization associated with Raising Human Beings , Ross Greene’s book for all parents
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