May 27, 2019
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May 27 Memorial Day- No School
May 28 12:30 Lunch with 5th grade followed by kickball game
May 29 5th grade Little Hills Picnic
May 30 8:30-11 Field Day ALL TK-5th
May 30 1-1:30pm SRVHS Seniors Walk the Halls
May 31 10:30 5th grade commencement
May 31 Early Dismissal 12:10pm
It is so hard to believe that this Friday is the end of our 2018-2019 school year. It has been a year filled with laughter, hard work, amazing accomplishments, and community. Our staff is eager to thank all of the Montair families for their endless support. Our Tuesday coffee/flower thank you doesn’t even come close to letting you know how much our parents and families mean to the staff at Montair.

So with summer coming, what should you do to help your kiddo be ready for the next school year? The number one thing I can suggest is to read together. This doesn’t mean you read your book while your kids read theirs. That is a great way to practice the skills he/she has acquired this year and we do want them reading to keep those skills sharp. To really push your child, however, research says you need to read to them. Read them books that they can’t quite grasp reading on their own. Read the books that you remember from your childhood that kept you up at night to read just “one more chapter.” Read the books that cracked you up or made you cry. Sharing this time together, reading and talking about these precious books, will build memories that will last for years. My daughters are grown now, but some of my fondest memories are the times we were snuggled up together, reading a book.

Reading together will also help build your child’s vocabulary . If you think about the words we use in our usual conversations with our kids, the list is very limited. Literature brings about opportunities to integrate and discuss words that we just would never say while driving to soccer or even around the dinner table. Additionally, our conversational sentence structure is pretty basic. Most of us speak in simple, declarative sentences with a few questions sprinkled in. Reading books, exposes students to the beautiful cadence and rhythm of our language. For more reasons why you should read to your kids this summer, check out this link . What about those of you with kids who are already strong readers? Your read alouds still have a positive impact. If they would get freaked out if you asked them to let you read to them, you can always try a book on tape of one of your favorites and you listen together.

Here’s to a wonderful final week! Have a safe and book filled summer!

Ondi Tricaso
Thank you to the wonderful Montair families that helped coordinate some of the Auction Sign Up Parties that happened the last month.

Yoga in the Vineyard: Julie Bryant, Kelly Francis, Deana Powell, Stacey Miller, Nikki Haramoglis, Simone Wells & The 4th Grade Class for their donations

Kentucky Derby Party : Adria Freeman, Jamey Fedun, Ann Peltz, Jill Botsford, Liz Panagotacos, Kim Anderson & the First Grade Class for the donations.

A Beautiful Evening on the Amalfi Coast @ LoCanda Ravello : Alicia del Prado Boquiren and Michelle Osgood
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