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Upcoming Activities
- South Central MASS Presentation
- Board of Public Education - Chapters 57 and 63 Hearings
- Election Day
- 4 Rivers MASS Presentation
- North Central MASS Presentation
- Laurel School District Presentation
- Beaverhead County School District Presentation (tentative)
- November MQEC Business Meeting - Helena
- Thanksgiving
- Hi-Line MASS Presentation
- December MQEC Business Meeting - Helena

Fall 2014 Membership Drive
It's not too late to join MQEC for the 2014-2015 school year. 78 school districts and educational organizations support our efforts this year to maintain and enhance public school funding. With the upcoming legislative session just around the corner, a unified voice from the education community is critically important. Dianne Burke, MQEC Executive Director, has been traveling across the state this fall explaining MQEC's mission and accomplishments. If you missed her presentation at your local fall MASS meetings, please contact Dianne Burke for information. As schedules permit, she is happy to attend district board meetings to explain the benefits of MQEC membership.

2015 Legislative Session Priorities
As we prepare for the 2015 Legislative Session, MQEC has identified 6 focal areas:
  • Full implementation of SB 175
  • Defeat Privatization Efforts
  • Governor Bullock's Early Edge Program
  • Maintain Accreditation Standards and Local District Control
  • Increase Facilities Maintenance, Construction, and Bond Interest Funding
  • Legislative Review of the Public Education Funding Formula (MCA   20-9-309) in the 2015-2016 interim session.
 Visit our web site at for more information.
Background Documents

Looking for information on MQEC's purpose and activities?
This article describes our history and accomplishments.
Membership in MQEC is one of the best returns on investment that a school district can make.
This article explains the funding gains achieved by MQEC since 2005.

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