November 28th - December 5th,  2018      20 Kislev  27 Kislev 5779

A message from Rabbi Sandra M. Bellush

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and (finally) Giving Tuesday. In this period of rampant consumerism, we are reminded of the importance of sharing with others and that each and every one of us can take a step to improve someone else's life. Giving  Tzedakah  is a year-round responsibility, and shouldn't be relegated to just one day. We ought to keep the message of Giving Tuesday with us for the remainder of the week, the month and the year! Many worthwhile organizations arrange for matching gifts at this time of year, a single contribution may result in double, and sometimes triple the gift. One act of generosity, one act of sharing has the potential to make a tremendous difference.

If you've ever doubted that a single action can have worthwhile consequences, note that in this week's Torah portion,  Vayeishev, the single action of an unnamed stranger impacts the future of the entire Jewish people. By merely taking a moment out of his day to provide Joseph with a bit of help, the stranger directs Joseph to his brothers when Joseph is searching for them. Joseph subsequently finds them at Dothan (Gen. 37:15-17). This one act of kindness sets off a course of events that ultimately brings all of Joseph's family to Egypt and allows for the formation of the Israelite nation.

Giving of one's self, financially or otherwise, can have a huge impact. Who knows where one act of generosity, one kind word, one act of giving may lead? May all our gifts make our world a better place.

Rabbi Sandra M. Bellush

This week:

Wednesday, November 28th,

12:30 PM 
Feed the Hungry cooks

7:00 PM 
Admin mtg.

8:00 PM
Temple Board mtg.

Thursday, November 29th,

7:30 PM
Kol Echad reh.

Friday, November 30th,

8:00 PM
 Shabbat Service

Saturday, December 1st,

9:30 PM
 Torah Study

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 of Torah click  here

Don't miss out on the fun and prizes!!!

Sunday, December 2nd,

9:30 AM
Religious School grades 4th - 7th

10:30 AM

5:30 PM 
Hanukah Menorah Lighting for Lynbrook Village.
Join Rabbi Bellush at Stauderman and Forest Ave for the

1st night of Chanukah.

College students check your mail as Women of Am Echad have sent out their college contact Chanukah presents.

Monday, December 3rd, 

10:00 AM

2nd night of Chanukah

Tuesday, December 4th, 

4:30 PM
Religious School grades 4th - 6th 

6:15 PM
7th grade

6:30 PM
WAE Latke Cook off!
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3rd night of Chanukah

Wednesday, December 5th,

12:30 PM
Feed the Hungry Cooks

3:15 PM
Tea & Torah with Rabbi Bellush
"Chanukah Esoterica "- lesser known facts of the Holiday. 

4th night of Chanukah

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          Religious School and Tot Hanukah celebration!

 Sunday December 9th for a fun filled morning!!
Click Here to see what Drum Tales is all about!!!
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". . . An exciting tale of mystery, miracles, triumph, joy, and a single bottle of olive oil . . ."

The Delightful Story of Chanukah is set in ancient Israel, the land of the mighty Maccabees. This is an interactive Drum Tale which takes its audience back in time to experience the light and joy of Chanukah. As we journey, we will encounter many experiences, adventures, and characters along the way, which will all be brought to life through various musical innovations. Join us for this exciting tale of mystery, miracles, triumph, joy, and a single bottle of olive oil.
Chanukah is the festival of light - bringing light into the darkness - and illuminating our world with positive impact. The Delightful Story of Chanukah tells of the great triumphs of the Maccabees and their commitment to preserving the light of Torah and spirituality for generations to come. Despite all odds, a small impromptu army were able to go beyond themselves and overcome the great-in-number Yevanim. Not only does this story tell of triumphs in the battle, but also how we as individuals can overcome setbacks and challenges - and discover the full distance of our potential. Drum Tales Chanukah - Lighting up the world with every beat!
For availability, bookings and further info,  Contact us.
"Thank you - thank you - thank you - for making our Chanukah festival all the more amazing and successful! We have received amazing feedback about the program, your manner with the children, and the general vibe it created. "
The 92nd Street Y - New York NY
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For more than a year, our congregants Ellen Tolle and Kathy Sherman have been part of a local chapter of the sisterhood Salaam Shalom.  This wonderful group of Muslim and Jewish women meet together to break down  stereotypes,
promote positive interactions, and  engage 
 in projects to help the community.

HANNAH'S PROJECT  a program through "Rock and Wrap It Up, Inc." is our chapter's first joint endeavor.  We hope that that our Temple Am Echad family  will help make it a huge success.  
We will ONLY be collecting throughout  the month of November. 

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