About Harambee
Harambee is exclusively for Black & African Heritage Male Students of CSU Monterey Bay. It is a weekly semester-long support and community building group for the benefit of Black male students. It was originally formed in fall 1999 and facilitated and developed by Mr. Mel Mason, LCSW and was revived in 2016 and now facilitated by Steven Goings, MSW.

As Mr. Mason wrote in his description of the Harambee African Heritage Men's Support Group, "Unlike a traditional support group with a Counselor as facilitator and students as group participants, the Harambee group is made up of not only students ("Peers" [or "Warriors"]), but also of faculty and staff members who are of African descent. These faculty and staff serve as mentors ("Elders").

Additionally, successful males of African descent from the local community periodically come in as special guests to speak and interact with group members. These Community Elders provide visual examples of the possibilities of success that exists for African American [and African Heritage] males if they prepare for it."

If you are an African American or African Heritage male community member and would like to be a Harambee guest, contact Steven Goings at sgoings@csumb.edu